Seduction Techniques

Nothing is sexier than the anticipation of a night you are going to spend with an amazing woman. You’ve been looking forward to this night all week long and now you want to make it perfect.

To gear up for your rendezvous, you might want to review some tried-and-true seduction techniques that will make your night as sultry as possible.

Seduction TechniquesAtmosphere

The first thing you need to worry about is atmosphere. Women do notice this and respond to simple touches like candles, wine, and warmth. So make sure your apartment is warm enough for her to feel comfortable enough sitting around without a bulky sweater on. Make sure you have lots of candles and make sure you have some great music.

Of course it depends on what music you like, but I suggest you get something a little steamy, something that will enhance your seduction techniques. Something that is sultry. For instance, you don’t want something really hard-core, more something with a beat that is seductive.


A day or two before your date, I suggest you clean your place thoroughly. Then the day of the date, do a wipe down in the bathroom and kitchen again. It sounds basic, but it is important to your repertoire of seduction techniques — having a clean house.

Crank up your thermostat, so it is nice and toasty in your apartment or house. If it is summertime and extremely warm then turn on the air or fan, but make sure it is not cold. Only keep it on long enough to make it so it is not stifling or muggy. You want it to be warm enough where she can feel comfortable in a thin shirt.

The day of the date, if you will be drinking champagne or white wine, make sure it is chilled. You might want to pick up a few non-messy munchies. Don’t get something gross and messy like chips covered in bright orange cheese powder.

Get something classy, like some good cheese and grapes to go with the wine. These are all important when you are considering your seduction techniques. Some food is sexy, such as chocolate covered strawberries. Remember this when you pick up a snack. Don’t get crackers or crumby food – get stuff that’s moist, sweet, chewy, and fun to eat.

Get your candles ready and make sure you have a way to light them. Set out your CDs or get your iPod programmed where you will have to do little more than press the on button. (I’ve got a killer mix of Sade, chill songs and other great romantic songs that sets the mood.)

The Date

Now here is where those seduction techniques are put into play. Once you are both inside your place, there should be seductive music, ambient lighting, wine and snacks, and a comfortable temperature.

Cater to her needs. Make sure she is warm, her glass is filled, and that she is relaxed. Your goal is to be the best host of your life right now. Show her a giving side to you that is not supplicating. This is a critical distinction that a lot of guys miss.

Once all that’s in place, it is the time to make her even more comfortable. You can begin your seduction with a nice massage or even ask her to dance, depending on the music you picked. Anything that involves a slow touching of her body will get you started.

I’m sure you can take it from here to where it needs to go…

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