Seduction techniques

The key on how to seduce a women is gaining her trust. It’s all about showing her that she can be comfortable and safe with you. It’s proving you aren’t violent or abusive in any way, physically, mentally, or emotionally. It’s also about convincing her that she can take a risk with you and she won’t get hurt.

With all that said, that means you need to be a man of honesty, dignity, and integrity in all that you do. When you are, women sense this and will trust you.

And once they trust you, the door to seduction opens wide.

As I said, trust is considered the big whammy. Women who trust you can allow themselves to be attracted to you. That is why it is so important that you break through that defense mechanism on her part and demonstrate during those initial stages of a relationship, that she can trust you.

Here’s how to build trust as part of your seduction techniques:

Seduction Techniques Tips:

1. Realize that building trust and attraction at the same time is truly a contradiction and you will have to engage in some psychological tug-of-war. What I mean by this is that she is struggling between two things: her desire for you and her distrust of you. Convincing her that sex will be great and you can make her happy and you are a fun guy to be around, doesn’t make her trust you. And she won’t act on her desire for you until she trusts you.

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2. Hands down the simplest and most effective way to gain a woman’s trust it to be trustworthy. That means (if you don’t already have them) adopting traits, attitudes, and behaviors of someone people can trust. You need to make sure you:

* Don’t lie.

* Don’t manipulate or mislead.

* Do act in a consistent manner.

* Do what you say you’re going to do.

These four things alone will build your character and make you a better man in the end regardless of your dating life.

3. Learn how to break through a woman’s initial resistance. Women have a shield up so they don’t’ get hurt. You need to find a way in. One method is to confront her resistant behavior from the beginning. If she is really hard-core and aggressive about her resistance, you might want to find someone else to spend time with.

But here’s one way to try to break down those walls. You can say this, “Gabriella, I’ve been patient for the past two weeks, but you don’t seem like you want to open up to me. Before I call it quits, I want to say that I think your tough guy act is a façade. I think inside you want to be open, but you’re afraid to trust. If we can’t get past that, I think we’re going to have to go our separate ways.”

4. Just like in the example above, you need to assertively call women out on their behavior in a direct, respectful manner. If you call them on their emotional reactions and why they act the way they do, you might just have the beginning of a great relationship. You see, often they might react in a bitchy manner at first, but will later realize you are being trustworthy, direct, and honest and will come back to try it another way.

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