Seduce Her

Seduce Her

The candles are lit. The heater has made your apartment warm and toasty. Some bubbly is chilling in the refrigerator and you have some exotic, sensual music filtering out of the speakers. This incredibly sexy girl you have brought home is looking at you through half-lidded eyes with a knowing smile on her lips.

Now what?

The first step is when you either start or resume your sensual touching and kissing, you should follow these three rules on how to seduce her:

Rules  To Seduce Her:

1. Go slow. Whatever you do, watch her, and pay attention to the signals she is sending so you do not move faster than she is willing to go. Do not hurry. Take your time. If she picks up the pace, then you can follow her lead.

2. Teasing. You can tease her by the way you touch her. Working to arouse a woman does not mean moving right in for the kill. It also does not mean caressing her where she already expects you to touch. Stroke, caress, and gently squeeze areas that are near sexual hot spots. For instance, gently stroke her hips, her sides, the back of her neck and her stomach. This builds anticipation and stokes desire.

3. The Dance of Attraction. Remember one of the tips I often share when discussing seduction: two steps forward and one step back. You move forward two steps and then pull back. Then repeat. This also builds anticipation and arousal.

For instance, you can move away from kissing her lips and then kiss her neck, her ears. Remember and note her reaction. Come back to the more sensitive spots (the ones where she squirms or moans) every once in a while. Treat those spots like the middle of a spider web. In other words, kiss your way out from the center and then move back in to tease her.

All of this sensual touching is leading up to you touching her in a more sexual way, such as her breasts, buttocks, and lastly, her vagina.

She should be touching you back in some way, as well.

When you seduce her, be sure to start on the outside of her clothing at first. There is no hurry unless she urges you on, and sometimes even then, you should slow it down.

Her pleasure at being stimulated slowly will also let her drop her fears and barriers.

One last note: I don’t think there needs to be – or even should be – a lot of conversation at this point. If you have some great, sensual music on, this will help. If you feel you must say something, just say something that reassures her about your attraction to her. These types of comments are great to seduce her and will actually work to turn her on further. For instance, you can tell her how good she smells, how soft her skin is, how good her body feels or tastes. If you follow these tips, you can’t go wrong. These are some rules on how to seduce her.

-Carlos Xuma

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