Ways To Seduce Her

Ways To Seduce Her

Let’s face facts. You aren’t going to get lucky if you both have your clothes on. There are really only two ways to seduce her so that her clothes come off.

1. She’s so hot and bothered during foreplay that she strips down.

2. You give her a little help in taking them off.

Most likely, you are going to experience scenario #2. You can help move this along by touching, kissing, and stoking her attraction to you.

When you are working toward nudity, you must remember that you need to take things slow. Do not be in a rush or a hurry.

Instead, take your time to help her get undressed. That means unbuttoning one button at a time. Don’t make large moves or adjustments to do this. Take small steps and make them smooth.

Ease her into this romantic spell you’ve cast. At the same time, while you need to take it slow, always be moving forward and progressing. Learning the best ways to attract her is also a balancing act.

Here are some tips:

Ways to Seduce Her Tips:

1. The first two items you need to concentrate on easing her out of are a jacket, coat, or sweater and then her shoes. Get these off early on. Guests at my home always remove their shoes at the door, anyway. If she has socks, work on getting those off.

My next step is to work on the buttons of her blouse as we kiss. I untuck it first.

When a woman arrives at my place in a dress and stockings, I always offer to let her get into something more comfortable, such as one of my t-shirts and sweatpants. This makes her more comfortable and really makes it easier to get those clothes off as she has already gone through the motion of getting undressed once.

At this point, you’ve reached critical mass. Any obstacle that arrives is usually a last minute change of heart that you wouldn’t be able to control anyway. The next step is: sex.

2. Once you’ve introduced sexual touching and are naked, there isn’t much standing between you and the prize. Once you both are naked, either transition into the bedroom or be prepared to make love right there. If she’s not ready right then, you must not have been paying attention and blew it somewhere along the way. Pay attention next time so you don’t make the same mistake again.

At this point, do not ask permission to continue. You need to lead. Of course, this also means if she protests at any point, you respect her and heed her wishes. But most of the time, if she wants to stop, she might want you to slow it down for a bit or introduce more foreplay and you can clarify that.

When I talk about some tips to seduce her, I shouldn’t even have to say this, but I will: when a woman says no or stop, you must never, ever force sex on her – even if she halts at the last second. This also includes her pushing you away physically.

However, if she does not ask you to stop by her actions or words, then you are in store for a night of pleasure. Congratulations. Enjoy. These are some ways to seduce her.

-Carlos Xuma


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