How To Attract Women, 3 mistakes

We live in an age where a lot of men and women don’t understand the laws of dating. When it comes to knowing how to attract women, there are a lot of traps and pitfalls that can catch you if you don’t know the terrain. Luckily, there are some maps of the territory, and you’ll discover how to make your way through the hazards if you follow some simple rules.

These are the mistakes that a lot of guys make because they have been unwittingly “trained” through bad advice from family and friends. All you need to remember is that most success with women is simply NOT making the big mistakes.


Attract Women Mistake 1: Being too agreeable…

This one is a common mistake from guys because it shows that you’re very focused on PLEASING her.

Women want a man that will make them happy – but not a man that will only focus on making her happy. In other words, he must make her happy by happenstance rather than intent.

When a man tries too hard to be easygoing, he’s demonstrating that he’s too wishy washy, and a bit too approval-seeking. If you’ve ever heard the term “supplicating” – it pretty much means “begging.” And that’s what she thinks you’re doing if you’re trying to be too much of a “yes” man.


Attract Women Mistake 2: Being too interested…

What we’re talking about by being too interested is that you can’t express your desire for a woman too obviously. Now, there are a lot of contradictions in the dating advice for men that you will hear, and this one is often confused by guys.

You want to be direct with your initial interest in a woman, and you demonstrate that when you approach her and get a conversation started. Women know that if you start a conversation, you’re interested in her. Again, a lot of guys get really hung up on the question of “how do I tell her I like her?” It’s absolutely NOT necessary to tell her you like her. She already knows!

Your job is simply to initiate and move things forward.

You ask her for her phone number; she gives it to you.

You ask her out; she goes out with you.

And so on.┬áThat’s all you need to do.

She wants to experience the wonderful mystery of not knowing – of hope with doubt. That’s a magical mix for her female mind.


Attract Women Mistake 3: Being too available…

This is one that I have a lot of personal experience with. I always figured that if I was going to be attractive to a woman, she would have to see me as being available to hang out and do things with her. I found out much later that this was REALLY off the mark.

What I discovered later was that women – and everyone, really – are drawn to and desire the thing that we cannot have. The more scarce something is, the more we perceive it as being valuable. Gold is a rare metal, and so we value it above silver, which is much more common.

The same thing applies to our time and our presence.

If you want to attract women and have them fully appreciate you, you can’t be too available. This means you can’t answer every phone call, or be open “anytime” to meet up with her. Your time is valuable, and you have many things going on in your life. So you have to know how to say “NO” to women as much as you say “YES.”

-Carlos Xuma


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