Meet Women And Attract Women

Meet Women And Attract Women

Learning how to meet women is one of the mysteries in the universe that may never be truly understood, however there is always a constant need to understand the opposite sex. They are the delicate, beautiful creatures that we can’t seem to live without, but sometimes make you want to tear your hair out by the roots…

What is the first and foremost important thing when learning how to meet women and approach women?

Start with appearance.

You don’t want to approach women looking like you just fell out off a garbage truck. Since first impressions are probably one of the most important aspects when it comes to making a good impression, you should always look your best. After all, a book may not be judged by it’s cover but it does make at least 40% of the impression.

By appearance, I don’t mean that you have to have a body like a Greek statue. Only that you need to show her a strong confident appearance so that you don’t have to overcome any snap judgments. We all know we’re great guys on the inside – but you want her to get the best first impression.

MEET WOMEN STRATEGIES: You made eye contact, now what?

Smile. A smile could mean the difference between a good and bad outcome.

Also, when trying to meet women, making sure your breath is nice is probably a good idea too. You don’t want to start talking to her and knock her over with bad breath. Nothing is a worse turn off.

How do you approach her?

Start off the conversation lightly. Something to the affect of, “Hey, what’s up… what brings you out today?” Or “ I don’t usually talk to women I don’t know, but I saw you from over there and that beautiful smile (Or hair or great dress, ect.) just compelled me to say hello.”

MEET WOMEN RULE 1: Don’t complain about other women.

You should never, especially when approaching and attempting to attract women, NEVER talk about how you just got dumped or did the dumping of your previous relationships. She does not care how you loved another woman and how she left you for your best friend. Save it for another time. Like 3 months into the relationship, because it is a big turn off.

MEET WOMEN RULE 2: Don’t talk about your personal problems. Just don’t do it.

When approaching a woman do not talk about your personal problems. Keep it light. Talk to her, ask her about herself and inject little comments about yourself when appropriate. Keep the comments to neutral subjects. She does not want to hear about the boil you had removed last week or if you are in financial ruin. She does not even know you yet, so keep it fun and light.

You’ve approached a woman and made 2 minutes of idle chit chat now what?

Now, that you have made it past the initial approach, and openers, what now? You could for starters ask her for coffee. Something along the line of “You know, I was just going to get a cup of coffee. Would you like to come and we can continue this conversation?” If she says yes, you made a good first impression.

But … what if she says no?

You’ve approached and made small talk, and now you want to go some where else and talk. So, you ask her for coffee, but she says no.

Now what?

First, don’t panic. She may have something else to do or maybe she just does not like coffee. So here is how this may go.

YOU: “Would you like to have a cup of coffee with me sometime?”

HER: “No, I can’t really I have a prior commitment.”

YOU: “ Oh, that’s fine. Give me your number and we can continue this conversation later…”

Her answer to “can I call you” sometimes is maybe.

Either one of two things is happening here. She is not interested, or she is playing games. Most women would give you a straight answer. However, some women like to play games.

In this instance, you simply say, “I’ll tell you what, here is my number, when you want give me a call and we will get together for that coffee.”

Giving her your number makes her feel safer. She is calling the shots and will not feel trapped or pressured. You don’t know she could be a widow, just gone through a psychotic breakup, or simply unsure because she is not able to read your signals.

What if she never calls?

You went through all the steps and did everything right, but she never calls. Don’t sweat it. She might not have been interested. Her cat might have died. Her hairdresser might have been hit by a bus. There’s a million possible reasons.

And there are a lot of other opportunities for you to try again to meet women. Don’t beat yourself up over it. At least you gave it a try – which is more than 90% of the other guys out there are doing.

(By the way, you might get the mistaken impression that all the other guys out there know how to meet women but you. Nothing could be further from the truth. In my experience, less than 1 in 10 men knows how to really meet women and get her attracted to him.)

What if she does call?

Okay, she calls you a day or so later. Now you have approached, and managed to get her to call you. Good job, she must have been impressed. Okay suggest that coffee or dinner. Make it a nice public place. Suggest she meet you – or if she’d rather she could pick you up. This gives her another safety net, a safe out option.

Just go hang out and be cool.

Don’t come across like a guy who hasn’t had a date in three years, even if you haven’t. Nothing destroys a potential romance faster than a guy who seems desperate. That’s NEVER attractive.

– Carlos Xuma

Meet Women With Confidence!

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