Attract Women

There is a ton of information out there that can help men approach women, ask them out and even wow them on their first date. But there’s a dearth of information and advice about what happens after that.

Let’s talk a little bit about something that many people don’t address: how to keep attraction strong once you begin dating. You might have found it was east to attract women initially, but harder to keep them around.

Once you buy a new car, you still need to maintain it with regular tune-ups and oil changes, right? Relationships need a little maintenance to keep them humming along. Here are some ways to keep the attraction strong:

Attract Women Tips:

1. Keep up that guard. It’s sad but true. What ends up happening is that men are successful in attracting women by my three S’s (self confidence, self-discipline, and a sense of humor), but then as soon as they have the girl, they wimp out.

Don’t let this happen to you.

2. Familiarity breeds contempt. I’m talking about how it is human nature for us to show our absolute worst sides to the people we care about most. You know what I’m talking out. I mean your frustrations, irritations, anger, laziness, and so on. We start to take the people in our lives for granted and start treating them in a less than stellar manner. This is part of our nature. We will do it over and over unless we become aware of it and try to stop it in its tracks.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
You can try to head off this behavior at the pass by keeping a bit of mystery about yourself. Make sure that you have a life away from her. And encourage her to have friends and activities separate from you. This keeps it fresh and keeps the attraction strong.

3.Work to stay sexy. Too many men (and women for that matter) get lazy in a relationship and gain an extra thirty pounds that makes them look little like the man she was first attracted to. If you want your girl to continue looking as hot as when you first met her, you better concentrate on yourself first.

Don’t become so comfortable that you start belching, farting, and leaving your dirty underwear all over the place.

Relationships take work. Make sure you take the time and energy to always be working on yours. Don’t get lazy or you will kill the attraction for sure.

4. Keep the romance alive. Every once in a while do something romantic and unexpected for your girl. This keeps attraction thriving. Buy her flowers. Or maybe fix her dinner. Or surprise her at work with a box of chocolates. But even better than these suggestions are things that show you are thoughtful and aware of her needs and desires. That is better than any gift you can buy. Do something unexpected and welcome and you will keep your relationship hot and keep the attraction alive for a long time to come.

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