How to Text A Girl

Think you’ve got her phone number, so now you’ve got it made? Think again. If you don’t know a thing about texting a girl, you might strike out before you even enter the ballpark.

Too many men take the ability to text for granted. What they aren’t recognizing is that women love to text. And they don’t have time for someone who doesn’t get it.

If you want to use texting to build attraction or land you an in-person meeting, pay close attention to some of the following unwritten texting rules:

How to Text A Girl Rules:

1. Keep it concise. When you first meet someone, be sure to keep your texts short and too the point. The last thing she wants to do is read about you blabbing on and on about yourself. Keep it brief and make sure you are maintaining a bit of mystery about yourself.

2. Pace yourself. This means waiting to text her and waiting to respond to her texts even if you are chomping at the bit to type on that little keypad. Then, every so often, just don’t answer a text. Of course, you should respond to the one asking you to come to her place tonight, but every so often ignore an inconsequential text that really doesn’t need a response. This prevents you from seeming to be desperate. It also shows you have a life and that you aren’t sitting around checking your phone every few seconds for a text from her.

3. Put down the phone unless you have something interesting to say. If you are bored, don’t text her that. That’s the death knell. Whatever you do, make it your goal in texting to make your life seem exciting and fun-filled. Even if it isn’t.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
Go do something just so you can text her that. It can be as simple as saying, “Headed to the Giants game! Woot.”

4. This goes with having something interesting to say. Have a purpose to your text. Either use them to arrange a meet up, to convey information that is necessary to you getting together, or to show her you are leading a rocking life. Other than that, don’t text her.

5. Use texting as a tool to get an in-person meeting. Your only goal with texting is to use it to make her want to see you in person. There is no other reason for texting. Keep your goal in mind at all times. Everything you text should be aimed toward making her hot for you when you see each other in person. It is not a legitimate way to communicate feelings or deep thoughts.

If you remember these rules, you will be head and shoulders above a lot of the men out there. They are simple but important rules to pay attention to in this dating age on how to text a girl.

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