How To Build Confidence With Women

Let’s face it: nearly every guy on this planet, deep down inside, has a small pool of insecurity that occasionally threatens to bubble up to the surface.

For some guys, it might be insecurity about his job performance. For others, it has to do with their dealings with women.

If you are one of the guys looking at how to build confidence with women, read on.

There are a few tips I can share that will help you grow by leaps and bounds in this all-crucial area:

How To Build Confidence With Women Tips:

1. Carve out and cultivate your perfect life without a woman or women in it. If you want to walk into a new relationship oozing confidence, you need to step back and take some time to make your life as darn good as you can get it before a woman even appears.

Do a little bit of soul searching. Write down your dreams and your goals. Look at the obstacles to those dreams and goals. Then really think about whether those obstacles are surmountable or not. If you think you can conquer them with time and effort, then make a game plan to do so.

Writing something on paper gives it power.

For instance, maybe you are not happy with your life because you are stuck in a dead-end job that is a nightmare for you. Dream big here. Maybe you feel stuck in that job because it is the only way you can afford your luxury apartment. Is it worth slaving away for 40 hours to have that apartment? If so, that limits your options. If you would rather live a little bit further out from the city, but have a job you love, look at ways to make that happen. Life often boils down to the choices we make. One thing over another. Make sure all your choices reflect your values, goals, and dreams.

2. While you have that pen and paper writing down your dreams and goals, start a fresh page to list your strengths and weaknesses. Copy your strengths on a small piece of paper and keep that in your wallet. Every once in a while, pull it out and read it out loud to remind yourself of what you have to offer a woman.

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With your weaknesses, analyze each one. See if any of them are holding you back in the dating arena. Look at which ones you can and should change. Make a game plan for how to do that.

For instance, maybe your extreme shyness is holding you back from showing women your true personality. List ways you can tackle that. It might mean joining a speaker’s group. It might be undergoing psychotherapy. Maybe for you, it’s getting your bad teeth fixed. Figure out what it is and then do it.

3. Practice. Make it a habit to flirt and talk to every woman you encounter in your daily life. One of the best ways to learn how to build confidence with women is to get out there and interact with women. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. And the more you practice talking and flirting and joking around, the more confident you become. It becomes a habit. It becomes natural. It becomes effortless. It will automatically breed self-confidence.

Follow these three tips alone and you will be well on your way on how to build confidence with women.

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