Get Women

Most men don’t realize that what attracts a woman to a man can be the furthest thing on the planet away from a logical reason that makes sense.

This becomes obvious when we men see the most amazingly beautiful woman walking down the street with some jerk.

Women don’t choose men logically. They are not going to sit down with a pad and pen and list your strengths and weaknesses or the pros and cons of why they should or shouldn’t date you.

What makes her want to date you and even sleep with you, all happens on a primal level.

And honestly, men across the planet should rejoice at this news. Because what it means is that to get women — for a woman to attracted to you — will not based on the looks and traits you were born with, but by the behaviors you learn and exhibit.

In other words, “Yes, I’m telling you that you have a chance.”

This primal attraction also serves to help you surf through any possible bad weather when you’ve been dating awhile and others start to wonder what that top model sees in you (assuming you’re an average looking guy like most of us). However, she’ll know and that’s what counts.

Get Women Facts:

1. Be a protector. Realize that if you can convince a woman to let down her walls and shields, you are halfway there. Reassure a woman with the behavior you exhibit that she doesn’t need to worry about her physical, mental, or emotional safety.

2. Command respect. Show this through posturing. That means the way you present yourself. It means leaving a strong impression of control. You never come across desperate. You are cool, confident, and collected. You also remain a bit mysterious or aloof in all your interactions.

3. Respect yourself first. If you are going to garner respect from others, be sure to respect yourself in all you do. That means to a certain extent being self-centered and looking out for yourself. You can still be an upright guy, but remember your own self-interest needs to come first. Don’t put other’s well being in front of your own.

If you want to get women, remember these three facts. They all have something in common – they demand that you have self-discipline.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
It all fits hand in hand with the Three S’s I like to talk about that are necessary to be successful with women. They are: self-confidence, self-discipline, and a sense of humor.

Also, if you look at the three facts, you will also notice that they fit into an important definition of what all men should strive for: being an alpha male. An alpha male is a protector, commands respect, and is a tiny bit self-centered.

The alpha male is the man everyone wants to be and to be around.

If you want to get women, work on obtaining and then exhibiting these all-important traits and you will find success for sure.

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