Pick Up Artist Technique

There are a few crucial steps for men who are interested in becoming pick up artists. In my opinion, the all-important first step is to spend some time making sure you are the best man you can be.

Essentially this pick up artist technique involves what I call the Three S’s. They are: self-confidence, self-discipline, and a sense of humor. Once, a man feels he understands the Three S’s and how to bring them into the dating arena, then he is ready for the next important  technique: how to meet women.

The first step in meeting women, is knowing the places where you have the best chance of meeting a woman and approaching her in a natural way.

Pick Up Artist Technique Tips:

1. Look for women in the following places, which might be places you’ve never been, or have had no desire to go. If you open your mind and broaden your horizons, you not only increase your odds of meeting women who will want to date you, but you also make your life a little bit richer.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
So, try to meet women at the following places:

  • Art openings and art fairs. Don’t be afraid to express your opinions on what you see. Chances are good someone will agree with you. If they don’t, that also sparks and interesting discussion.
  • Online. This could be through social media venues, such as twitter or Facebook, but also through matchmaking sites.
  • Friends. Expand your social circle and try to always say yes when you are invited somewhere.
  • Museums. Just like at an art opening, have an opinion and express it with confidence, just not with arrogance.
  • Bookstores
  • Concerts
  • Wine taking parties
  • Film festivals
  • Church events
  • Event specifically for single people, such as parties, cruises, singles nights at museums and health clubs and the singles volunteer network.
  • At the gym or in classes at the gym, such as yoga, spin, martial arts, or dance classes
  • Co-ed sports teams and leagues
  • Volunteer opportunities: at food shelters, for Habitat for Humanity, political campaigns, the red cross, literacy programs, non-profit community organizations, such as public radio or hospitals.
  • The golf course and/or country club.

2. Look for opportunities to meet women as you go about your daily life:

1. During your daily commute. Do you take a train or bus? Do you walk? If you drive, do you car pool?

2. When you are shopping at the grocery store.

3. Anytime you have to wait in line, strike up a conversation, such as at the coffee shop or fast food restaurant, or even in line at the department of motor vehicles.

4. When you are putting gas in your car or checking your oil or tires.

5. Whenever you are traveling on a bus, train, or plane.

6. In an elevator, stairwell, or hallway.

7. In public places, such as the Laundromat.

3. Anywhere you are. The point to this list is to spark some ideas for you. You should sit down, look at your own life, and brainstorm some places where you can approach women. The main idea is that in order to meet women, you have to get out there. You can’t sit on your couch every night and hope to meet the girl or your dreams. It takes being involved and putting yourself out there and it will pay off. These are some tips of pick up artist technique.

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