How To Pick Up Women

How To Pick Up Women

It’s a simple fact of life – we all want what we can’t have. It’s that whole “the grass is always greener” thing. At the same time, people place value on items that are rare. That is one reason diamonds are so valuable, especially rare ones, like a yellow diamond. That is why any art you own soars in value when the artist kicks the bucket – there will never be any more of them.

Along with the idea that what is scarce is attractive, there is also the perception that something has value if you have to work to get it. If it comes to you easily, it isn’t as appreciated.

Remember this key concept when you are learning how to pick up women.

This theory is why the spoiled rich kid who gets a new car for graduation, trashes it, and then wrecks it within a few weeks. He didn’t appreciate the car. It was handed to him. He didn’t have to work for it.

This is why women play hard to get. It works every time. You can also play hard to get so that when she does “get” you, she feels a sense of accomplishment. This is key to how to pick up women.

It is because you have perceived value. This is the same principle you use when you want a raise and mention that you have another job offer for more.

Here are a few ways you can raise your value if you want to be successful in how to pick up women.

Be busy. Don’t always answer the phone. Even if you are sitting home alone doing nothing, every once in a while just ignore her call or else wait to return it. Same with texting, be the first one to stop the interaction or wait a period of time before you return her text. Be less available, so she has a chance to miss you.

Date a woman no more than twice a week. If she wants you and you are dating casually, this will work out. Once you are committed, obviously it will be different.

Talk about other women. You don’t have to flaunt it or try to make her jealous, but talk about other women in a natural way and it will show you are desirable to others.

Leave them wanting more. You can do this by ending the date early or pulling back from kisses first, before she is ready.

These are all great techniques in how to pick up women.

Very few people value what they get for nothing. If she wants you – meaning your world, your time, your energy, and your attention – then she has to have a small price to pay. That way she feels like she worked for you. And then she will know that she could lose you as well.

If she seems insecure, resist the urge to reassure her that you are a sure bet. It won’t make her fall in love with you. It will have the opposite effect. Remember when you are learning how to pick up women that the more certain she is about you then she will never wonder. That will kill her attraction. If there is no mystery in your relationship, she will be bored. If she feels that she didn’t have to work for you and your affections, she will value you less.

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