Meet Women

Men who swagger down the street with a girl on each arm seem to have some secret to how to meet women that you think you’ll never be privy, too.

You usually just dismiss the guy’s success as a fluke. An anomaly. Something that cannot be explained.

But nine times out of ten, that man was one day just like you. He wasn’t born with the ability to charm women. He learned skills and studied ways to make himself more attractive and successful with women.

Probably only about one percent of men who are successful with women were naturally born that way. The rest of us have had to work on developing traits, manners, and attitudes that make us desirable.

Here are a few traits worth developing if you want to know how to get to know women and keep them around:

Meet Women Traits:

* Intelligent/perceptive

* A leader

* Good listener

* Confident/cocky

* Humorous

* Self-disciplined

* Responsible

* Sophisticated

* Loyal

* Integrity


This last one is by far the most important. It refers to your character. And ultimately, this is what makes a man. Your integrity is what is going to successfully guide you through the dating universe. To sum up, your integrity is what makes you you who are and determines what you stand for.

It is what you will hold tight to when your self-esteem is suffering a blow. It is what gives you the self-discipline to control your emotions and not let anyone permanently affect your self-confidence.

So, before you even begin to jump into the dating arena, list all your strengths on a sheet of paper. Know what product (you) is being sold and what advantages you have over the competition (other guys).

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
Keep that list in your wallet and whip it out when necessary.

Recognize that anyone else who doesn’t value those traits isn’t worth your time. Now if you are trying to shore up or develop some of the traits I listed above, here is a way to do so.

It involves positive affirmations and using them to help you flirt with women. Now, before you get worried that this is too much psychotherapy, let me break it down for you. It basically involves how you talk to yourself. If you tell yourself all day long that you are a loyal guy, then guess what, that will actually have an affect on your behavior.

It works best on intangible qualities. For instance, you might develop a mantra that says you are loyal, attractive, and worthy of love. Spend some time each day reminding yourself of this and then also read your wallet list of your strengths, until these qualities become second nature.

Another helpful tip I like to share is to create a code for you to follow. Make it a code of behavior that lends itself to improving and bolstering your integrity. For instance, your code might require you to never let a friend who has been drinking too much leave a bar alone. Or your code might be that you will never sleep with a woman who has dated your friend. Whatever standards you uphold, add them to your code.

Believe me, if you are serious about how to meet women, the first step is realizing that being a man of integrity is one of the most attractive, desirable traits around.

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