How To Get A Girlfriend

I saw a Marine recently wearing a t-shirt that said, “Pain is the sensation of weakness leaving your body.”If you are serious about figuring out how to get a girlfriend, there is something you must be competent at handling: pain.

The way you deal with pain as a single guy is the key to your success with women. Do you run from anything that is potentially painful? If so, you are existing, not living.

The path to learning how to have the girl in your dreams  is not always easy. You have to be ready and willing to be a little uncomfortable along your journey. If you want to be better at dating and seducing women, you might have to start from scratch. Starting at the bottom that might entail getting a few scrapes and bruises along the way before you make it to the major leagues.

The first key to handling pain in the dating world is to understand that the only true pain you will feel is self-induced. Did you know that the majority of the time, you are allowing yourself to feel inadequate or badly? Did you know that your fears about approaching women are almost always unjustified? Women never slap guys or throw drinks in their face just for approaching them.

As long as you aren’t a complete jerk or too aggressive in a scary way, most women will give you a chance the majority of the time. Most of the rejection you fear is all in your head and has nothing to do with you, anyway.

Learning how to manage your pain will give you the tools to deal with disappointment and mixed messages when you are striving towards  getting a girlfriend.

How To Get  A Girlfriend:

1. The first step is to put a cap on how much you are emotionally invested in the women you meet. Don’t put out so much energy toward meeting women and that way you won’t be as affected by their reaction or response to you. Once you feel up to the challenge of approaching women, then get out there.

Make sure that you don’t make a big deal out of what women say or do. Don’t take her behavior too seriously. Watch what she does much more than what she says. Her actions will reveal how she feels, even if her words are contradictory.

2. When you are learning in getting a girl, don’t spend time worrying about her flirting or whether she is going to call you or not. Don’t invest that much emotional energy into it right now. In the beginning of a relationship, stay a bit aloof and detached. Too many men invest much more than they can afford to lose in a relationship from the get go. Hold back a little until you know you are investing in someone who is going to give you an equal return on your investment of time, energy, and even affection.

3. One last tip in getting a relationship. Create an ego wall. On it, hang tangible proof of the things that you’ve done well and that increase your self-esteem. For instance, you might hang your diploma or your plaque from the chamber of commerce, or your certificate for employee of the month.

I have photographs of me jumping out of airplanes or attending race car school, along with my college diploma and certificates of martial arts achievements. It reminds me of what I do and have done well and it also shows the women who see it that I’m not waiting for life to pass me by. My Ego Wall proves that I go after what I want.

And that might be the most attractive quality of all. These are some few tips on how to get a girlfriend.

-Carlos Xuma

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