How To Get a Woman, 3 Secrets

That beautiful woman walking by seems as unattainable as if she were on a different planet. And, in a sense, she is. Until you learn some tactics and techniques to learn how to get a woman into your life, you might as well be in another universe.

There are some tried-and-true strategies and tips for how to get a woman to want you and transform yourself into the prize that she seeks after instead of the other way around. Here are three secret techniques that will arm you and teach you how to get a woman to want you:

How to get a woman – Technique 1: Know What Makes A Woman Tick

Sounds simple, right? Well we all know just what complicated creatures women are and how baffling they can be at times. Here are a few things you need to know: Women are all about connections – making and nurturing connections with other people. So, make sure you create a strong connection between the two of you by having emotional experiences that are shared.

In addition, if you are self-sufficient and develop the attitude that you can take or leave her, she will want you more. Women want a guy who is confident and secure – with or without her. This proves you are strong and can be strong for her in the relationship, as well.

How to get a woman – Technique 2: Women feel and men think.

Men tend to focus on facts, actions, and what they think. Women tend to focus on emotions, feelings, and connections.

If you can get a woman to talk about her feelings, you are helping establish one of those emotional connections that is so key to attraction. Listen to the emotions she expresses when she talks to you and repeat that back to her to show understanding.

When you respond by asking her what she “thinks” AND “feels” about something that happens to her, she realizes that you “get her” and that will make you very attractive in her eyes.

How to get a woman – Technique 3: Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Keep in mind that the time you spend apart from her may be as important as the time you spend with her. There is a rhythm in a relationship of spending time together and apart and you want to be able to build attraction when you are not there.

It could be as simple as going to another part of the store when you visit the bookstore together. It could be as simple as waiting a day or two to call her back. Think of ways you can put some absences into your relationship to show you can assert your independence and so can she.

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