How To Attract Women, Six Things To Never Say

The date is cruising along just fine and then you blow it – you say something that sends it down the toilet. You basically proclaim you are a loser and she should run away.

As soon as you say it, the mood instantly changes. She closes off completely and may even make an excuse right then to end the date early. It might seem basic to avoid saying these things, but you would be surprised how often I hear them come out of some unsuspecting dude’s mouth.

So here are the six things never to say if you want to know how to attract women:

How to Attract Women – #1 Thing to Never Say

“I live with my mom and dad still.” OK, that sends off the major loser red light. It’s like you have that big “L” tattooed on your forehead. But today, with the rough economy, more guys might find themselves in this situation. So, spin it to your advantage. Emphasize it is a temporary situation to get some money saved, you love your parents, and then you can make a joke about it: “But I refuse to put my Star Wars sheets back on the bed. You want them? They’re still pretty cool.”

How to Attract Women – #2 Thing to Never Say

“Got any money for the bill?” Hot women don’t need to chip in for the bill. Even not-so-hot women don’t. Nobody likes a cheapskate. Save some money for your date and check out inexpensive date ideas that will blow her mind.

How to Attract Women – #3 Thing to Never Say

“What costs the least on this menu?” Again, save your money or go somewhere you can afford. Also, if your money problems are that bad, you need to spend your time and energy working on fixing that before you enter the dating arena. Once you get your financial house in order, you are in a much better position to date. But keep in mind; lots of poor guys get busy all the time. You do need to be creative and show a woman a good time – and whether that good time involves money or not is up to you.

How to Attract Women – #4 Thing to Never Say

“Here’s a picture of my cat” Don’t get me wrong, some chicks dig cats. Some guys will aw and coo over your pictures, but seriously, find something else to talk about. If things go well she’ll eventually meet your cuddly friend in person. I personally think owning a dog is much for studly. Owning a cat is a little dorky, but girls fall all over themselves if you have a cute dog.

How to Attract Women – #5 Thing to Never Say

“I got canned/fired/laid off.” Again, this is not something you need to volunteer right away. But if it does come up, instead of looking like a loser blaming the company or making excuses, it’s better to leave a lot of the “whys” unsaid and instead focus on what your plan is now. Show some ambition. That’s attractive.

How to Attract Women – #6 Thing to Never Say

“I’m surprised anyone likes the profile I put up online.” If you tell someone you’re a loser, guess what? They are most likely going to agree with you. It is not modest. It is plain idiotic. You are showing you have zero self-confidence and sound like a wimp.

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