How To Get A Girl To Like You

A lot of guys want to know the answer to one question: How to get a girl to like you. They might ask me that same question in several ways, such as how they attract women, or how to seduce a woman, but ultimately it all boils down to getting the girl to like them.

Once a girl likes you, the sky is the limit. Here are four tips that can increase your chances with women:

How To Get A Girl To Like You Tips:

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
1. Be fun. People are naturally attracted to fun people. You don’t have to be wild and crazy, but you have to have a sense of adventure about you. It really boils down to how you look at life. Cultivate a sense of wonder like you did as a child and you can find excitement in just about anything you do. Being fun also entails having a bit of an easygoing, lighthearted view of the world. You can still be an intensive, passionate guy, but you know what to concentrate your energy on and what you can relax about. That dichotomy is sometimes the most attractive. You can be very, very passionate about politics, but then really kick back about things that drive other people up the wall, such as bad traffic or long lines or other minor irritations in life.

2. Be confident. This one trait alone is the most important characteristic you can develop to attract women and get them to like you. If you like yourself, others will naturally like you. Do whatever it takes to bolster your self-esteem. Take care of yourself and treat yourself like a valuable commodity you are trying to sell. Show you have self-esteem by developing good habits, such as eating well, dressing nicely, exercising, and taking care of your emotional and mental health. This shows you are confident and worth spending time with. Women will actually find you more physically attractive based on your confidence alone, without you changing your looks one iota.

3. Be ambitious. Have goals and outline steps to accomplish them. If you know what you want, that is extremely attractive. Your ambitious can be very personal and specific to you and your life. They can have zero to do with what other people in the world think ambitious means. For instance, some people would describe an ambitious man as someone who wants to be CEO of his company one day or wants to own a house in the Hamptons. You don’t need that kind of ambition. You need whatever is going to help you obtain your goals. In your case, maybe it is writing that novel. It could be trekking to India for a month. Whatever it is, have firmly established goals and outline what you will need to do to achieve them.

4. Be dignified. This means acting with honor and integrity and being truthful. In essence, it’s about being a decent guy. You don’t have to be Mr. Nice Guy, but you do have to make sure you are a man of your word. If you want a girl to like you, trust you, and establish a connection with you, she needs to know you are honest and trustworthy. Otherwise, all your other attractive traits, such as being fun, confident, and ambitious, will mean nothing.

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