Launches The Ultimate Men’s Dating Advice On How To Attract Women Naturally, Without Manipulation Or Having To Turn Into A Jerk…

What makes the launch of so different from all the other web sites on dating and attraction? Most men want to meet a quality woman to get a girlfriend, not just get a one-night-stand. Carlos Xuma’s new site reveals the secrets for men to meet women and attract women without having to use manipulative tricks.

San Mateo, CA (PRWEB) March 29, 2011

Today’s man is being awakened to a new understanding of how to meet women and attract women, thanks to modern dating advice for men that aims to educate guys on how romance really works at the new site:

“The community of men out there who seek information on how to win the woman of their dreams are realizing that there is much more to how to seduce a woman than just learning a few lines or routines,” Carlos Xuma says. “The fact is that most men want to meet a quality woman to get a girlfriend, not just get a one-night-stand. Men in my seminars have told me this by the thousands.”

He also says that while most of the techniques men find on the Internet can work, most do not take into consideration the personality and type of guy that’s using it. In fact, he says, most guys spend way more time on developing the ability to attract women than is really necessary. What guys need, Carlos explains, are the five essential ingredients in dating advice that are missing today:

1) Practical – Can it be used in the real world? Is it simple?

2) Effective – Does the advice actually work to attract women?

3) Adaptable – Could any guy adapt it to his natural personality?

4) Authentic – Is the advice going to feel genuine and not like he’s being ‘fake’ ?

5) Lasting – Will the average guy keep the skill, or fall back into bad habits again ?

Carlos Xuma says that while men have been aware of this underground community for over seven years now, most aspiring pickup artists have not made any real progress to their goals. “That’s just too long to wait for results,” Carlos says. “Come on – this isn’t like therapy! Men should only need at most about six to twelve months of focused effort to get this part of their life handled for good.”

Carlos Xuma is investing his own finances and resources into the belief that men everywhere want to learn the kind of advice that isn’t directed at the “PUA” (pickup artist) crowd, but instead wants the kind of hard-hitting and effective dating tips for guys that every guy out there can – and will – use. The new web site will be the concentrated go-to source of every kind of dating advice that men need. Carlos teaches guys how to be the kind of ‘Alpha Man’ that women are instinctively and naturally attracted to.

“The bottom line is,” Carlos says, “if you’re a nice guy who has found it difficult to meet and attract women that you desire, then you need to take steps to get the information you need right now. is the site that will reveal those secrets that have been denied to you for years in a mystic fog of bad ‘relationship advice.’ ”

Carlos Xuma has been a dating expert and attraction adviser for over 10 years and has appeared on ABC and CBS television, as well as Playboy radio. He’s the author of The Bad Boy Formula, Secrets of the Alpha Man, the Girlfriend Training Program, and many more books and articles. Carlos has been recognized for his work helping over 10,000 men learn the art of how to attract women.

For more information and a special report on how to attract women and flirting tips for guys, visit Carlos Xuma’s site at

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