Attracting Women 3 Critical Factors

Many men erroneously think that the ability to attract women is all about saying the right thing when you walk up to a woman. This is why so much attention is paid to pick up lines. Now, don’t get me wrong, what you say when you walk up to a woman can be hugely important, but it is one small piece in the puzzle. When you are trying to get better at attracting women, it is important to realize that judgments are made before a word comes out of your mouth. Let’s take a look at some ways you can tilt that judgment into your favor.

Your Demeanor

This is something that is easier than you might think. Most people don’t realize that what they think inside their head actually affects how others portray them. Thoughts do have power and you can actually control how others see you by what you are thinking. If you are interested in attracting women, I would suggest that you work on thinking about how relaxed you are, how fun loving you are and how you are there to have a good time and that you deserve to have amazing women in your life. Make sure that you are smiling a bit, as well. Not too much.

Your Appearance

Men are always surprised when I tell them that women notice little details such as a man’s shoes. Who knew? There is going to be a difference in what she thinks about you if you have scruffy ugly shoes on and if you have either really nice Italian leather shoes or stylish green European tennis shoes – whatever your style may be, make sure you take the time to dress nicely.

You don’t have to be a fashion plate if you are interested in Attracting Women, but you should be halfway stylish. Turn to a salesclerk in an expensive clothing store for help. That’s their job.

Also, another key element in attracting women is being well groomed and wearing clothing that is clean and pressed. Nobody wants to date a slob. Plus by taking care of your hygiene and your clothing, you show that you have self-esteem. It’s a subtle thing that speaks volumes.

Your Lifestyle

This is a little less clear cut, but it essentially means how you spend your time. Are you the guy who works all the time and has no time for play? Trust me, women realize right away the difference between a guy who works hard and plays hard and a guy who is so obsessed with work he’ll be a nightmare to date or marry. Make lifestyle choices that reflect you are well rounded and would make a great mate – even if you just want to casually date.

In your efforts at attracting women, you will also want to work on eliminating negative behavior, such as being rude, drinking too much or being a pushover. You know what negative behaviors influence you and now is the time to eliminate them.

If you take a little bit of time to work on how you present yourself to the world, you will find that attracting women is much easier than you think.

Yes, it all starts with you.

-Carlos Xuma


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