How Do I Get A Girl To Like Me

It seems like that cute girl you took out last week likes you. But it’s hard to say for sure. She keeps her emotions close to the chest. She laughs and has fun with you, but you know at this stage, it’s that make-or-break it phase. She is either going to like you and want to spend more time with you are she is going to move on.

Here are some ways to make sure when she is tottering on that fine line between interest and ambivalence, that she sways over to the side that likes you and wants to be around you. Some of these tips are what you should be doing. Some of these tips are what you should avoid doing if you want to know how do I get a girl to like me.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman

How Do I Get A Girl To Like Me Tips:

1. Do not be clingy. Clingy is bad and makes you appear needy and supplicating. You don’t women wondering if they are going to need to protect themselves because you don’t appear able to do so. Real men are independent. Real men stand are not clingy. Real men make it clear they don’t need a woman’s approval. That is what ultimately makes women feel protected.

2. Be a go-getter. Make sure you have some ambitions. This attracts women. Being ambitious is an alpha male trait. It shows women you are a provider, protector, and survivor. Passive men lack ambition. Women aren’t attracted to passive men.

3. Be passionate. Find something to be passionate about. Go save the sea otters. Strive to become a chess master. Go for that black belt. Become an expert in modern art. Whatever guns your motor, be passionate about it. Get involved. Men who chase their dreams are extremely attractive to women. Women like to ride the coattails of that excitement and energy.

4. Be independent. This means having your own life separate from a woman. Make sure your life is as good as it can get before you bring a woman into it. This shows you don’t need a woman in your life to have a good time or live a rich, fulfilling life. Have some fire, ambition, and passion and do something.

5. Have a backbone. Show that backbone. From time to time, turn her down. Refuse her requests. Decide to disagree on something. This is the spice of life. These differences keep it interesting. This keeps her interest and curiosity piqued.

All of these behaviors will help you attract women. They are all the opposite of men who are supplicating and approval seeking and wimpy.

Make sure your opinion of yourself counts more than anyone else’s.

This is your opportunity to make women sit up and take notice of you. Part of the goal in attraction is knowing what to do as well as what not to do.

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