Ways To Approach Women

One of the easiest ways to approach women is to just walk on up to one and say hello. But that is simplifying things a bit, isn’t it? You probably want to be a little better armed for most approaches. Here are some tips that have worked for me and others to make it go as smoothly as possible:

Best Ways To Approach Women:

1. Follow the Three-Second Rule.

Under this rule, you only have three seconds from the minute you get a chance to meet a woman until you act. The theory behind it is that after three seconds pass, your mind will start negative self-talk and sabotage your success. Your opportunity to have a confident introduction will be shot.

Those three seconds are all the time you have before you lose your chance to effectively meet and impress a girl.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
2. You wouldn’t think I would even have to spell this one out, but I must: Get off your butt and get out on the scene. How else are you going to meet women unless you go to where women are? Your little inner voice (I like to call him Loser Boy) would prefer you stay home on the couch every night, drinking beer, playing video games and getting fat. But Loser Boy won’t have a chance if you ignore him and get out there. You’ll find it easier to ignore his niggling little voice in your head, as well, the more active you are.

3. Look at your failures and rejection when approaching women as playing the odds. Sure, you might get a few misses along the way to getting some hits. The more women you approach, the closer to striking it big you become.

4. Don’t waste those important first moments of meeting someone. Make it your goal to move in for the phone number early and quickly. Keep your eye on the ball. The goal in this case is the phone number. Get into the end zone and get it.

5. Break out of your comfort zone. This is the illusion we have created in our mind that makes us feel our lives are safe, stable, and secure. We initially felt this way as infants in our cribs. Then our safety or comfort zone, expanded to include our house and then our backyards and then our neighborhoods. There is nothing wrong with this physical zone. The comfort zone you need to break out of is your psychological comfort zone. This is the one that makes us act cautiously to avoid getting hurt or feeling uncomfortable.

While it is important to stay in a comfort zone that keeps you safe, you also need to be able to distinguish when you are staying there to avoid something that is different, awkward, or uncomfortable.

For instance, you need to break out of that comfort zone when you see a drop-dead gorgeous woman looking your way. Your little Loser Boy voice might be telling you that you’ll make a fool of yourself, but by not acting, you might just miss out on the opportunity to meet your future wife.

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