How To Meet Women

It’s a lot easier than you might think to meet women, but it does take some effort on your part. You are going to need to put yourself out there a bit and maybe change some of your habits if you want to be successful in meeting women. Here are some tips that are successful and effective when I teach others how to meet women.

Talk to Everyone

How To Meet WomenBrush up on your conversational and social skills. Make an effort to talk to everyone all the time. Not in an annoying way, but in a friendly, social way. Actually care about what others have to say. Your life will be richer for it and you have a better chance at being successful learning how to meet women if you engage others in conversation. I don’t care if they are young, old, ugly, pretty, boring, interesting, make an effort to talk to everyone you come into contact with, at least a little bit.

And the side benefit is that the more you practice, the better you will be at small talk and the more natural you will be when you do strike up a conversation with an attractive woman.

By now you’re probably familiar with my saying: “Approach every man, woman, child, and small furry mammal.”

The reason you approach and talk to everyone is that you are not looking for that ONE woman – you’re creating a new belief system to replace your old, outdated one that says that people are unfriendly and you need to fear them.

By approaching everyone, you shatter this myth forever.

Say Yes

If your buddy at work wants you to come over to his house for a fourth of July barbecue, but you would rather sit at home, force yourself to say yes. Until you are done with your efforts in How To Meet Women, make it your motto to always say yes. If the guys want to go grab a beer after the volleyball game, I don’t care how tired you are, say yes. Unless you put yourself out there, you are not going to meet anyone.

Because the thing is you never know where or when you will meet an amazing woman. Talk to some long-time couples you know and ask how and where they met and you will see what I’m talking about.

Go Where the Women Are

This just makes sense. This means taking a yoga class at the gym instead of playing basketball with the guys. It means going to the mall. It means hanging out at coffee shops, bookstores, clothing boutiques or anywhere else you see lots of women. This is a great technique for how to meet women. For instance, if you have any special woman in your life – say your mother, a sister, an aunt, a best friend, whatever, go buy her a gift at a boutique. While you are there, if you see a woman you are interested in, ask her opinion or advice. If you are genuine, you will be successful. And your special relative or friend will get a nice gift on top of it.

If you just make the effort to get out there and be more successful, you’ve already upped your odds and increased your ability in how to meet women. You know it’s not going to happen if you sit and home, but it doesn’t take a lot of money or skill – just some time and effort, like anything else worth having in this life.

Sometimes even having a few girl “friends” that you can hang with and go out with (as a man, not as another one of their girlfriends) is a solid strategy for meeting women. You’ll be socially proofed, and women will admire your ability to be comfortable around women.

-Carlos Xuma


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