Pickup Beautiful Women

Men tend to put beautiful women on a pedestal before the girl utters one word. Just because a woman is beautiful does not mean she is kind, intelligent, or fun to be around. But as men, we are programmed biologically, deep down at a cellular level to be attracted to beauty in a woman.

Pickup Beautiful WomenAnd that’s just fine, as long as we don’t let looks inhibit our ability to approach and talk to women. If you want to pick up beautiful women, I have a few ideas for you to keep in mind that have worked for my friends and me.

The first one is to use a simple ranking system that puts the woman’s looks into proper perspective. I’ll explain. I want you to think of the most amazingly beautiful woman you can – maybe Penelope Cruz or Scarlett Johansson or some other untouchable gorgeous woman. Whoever you pick make her a 10 on your scale from 1 to 10 ranking beauty.

Now the next time you go out and see a beautiful woman, use a critical eye and rank her on that scale from 1 to 10 (the one with Cruz or whomever as the 10). What you quickly realize is that you have been putting beautiful women up on a pedestal that they often don’t belong on. That is not going to work if you really want to know how to pick up beautiful women.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that we men shouldn’t appreciate all the different forms and types of beauty in the world. We should. What I am saying is that oftentimes when you think a beautiful woman is out of reach and unattainable, you might be putting her out of reach when she actually is just your speed, so to speak.

So that’s the first tip for learning how to pick up beautiful women because if you realize that you are worthy of such a woman you will be better able to approach her with confidence and show her your true personality – not that of some shy, bumbling guy overcome by her looks. (She already sees plenty of those types, anyway.)

The second tip I’d like to share with you on how to pick up beautiful women is one that involves you consciously making yourself extremely attractive to her. Now, it’s not going to be about how you look or dress, although you definitely want to be well dressed and impeccably groomed. What it is about is showing that you are a guy who is fun and likes to have a good time and this is extremely charismatic to women.

Now the best way to show her this about yourself is to go out with one goal in mind and one goal only – to have a good time. You shouldn’t even think about how to pick up beautiful women. It should only be an afterthought and an added bonus if that becomes part of your night out. I guarantee that if you go out and genuinely have this attitude, you will become extremely attractive to even the most beautiful women.

-Carlos Xuma



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