How to Attract A Woman

The secret to how to attract a woman is … self-confidence.

But sadly, not all of us were born with this or somehow we lost it along the way. Here are ways to build your self-confidence and make yourself more desirable to women. They are not as cool and “technique-y” like a pickup line, but they work much better to give you that aura of a confident Alpha Man.


Moving your body helps in more ways than one. Not only does it make you physically stronger and gives you endurance, but if you have excess weight, it will help you trim down and will build your muscles. You don’t necessarily have to join a gym. Exercise doesn’t have to be expensive.

You can run, walk, or spend a bit of money for a program like P90X that you can do at home. When you look better, you feel better about yourself and therefore you are on your way to learning how to attract a woman. The other benefit of exercising is that it releases those feel-good endorphins that automatically contribute to good self esteem.

How to Attract A WomanEat Right

It is becoming increasingly clear that we are what we eat. If you want to be great at learning how to attract a woman, remember that eating healthy is part of it. If you consistently eat processed food, you will feel the effects of it not just physically but also emotionally. More studies show the effect these lab-concocted foods have on our brain chemistry and our emotions.

Eat healthy foods that will give you energy and make you feel good.

Eliminate Negative Behavior

This is a broad subject so you will be the only one who can pinpoint the negative behaviors in your life that bring you down and hurt your self esteem, but I’ll give you some examples to get you brainstorming.

A negative behavior could be your habit of criticizing yourself – either inside your head our out loud, saying things like, “That was so stupid, why did I do that?” This behavior is not the path to how to attract a woman. Instead, be compassionate and forgiving of yourself and make sure you don’t think badly about yourself. And that you certainly don’t say anything bad about yourself out loud.

Also, other negative behavior is not being able to control your temper or indulging in excess alcohol or anything that affects you in a bad way.

Eliminate Negative People in your Life

Now this is a really tough one for lots of people, but it is essential if you really want to know how to attract a woman. There are people that you know deep down inside bring you down and hurt your self-esteem. Some of them are friends and that is easier to deal with. You can gently extract yourself from the friendship by being busy and not keeping in contact with them. It’s hard, but the rewards are worth it.

The other scenario is much tougher – if it is a boss or a family member. With a boss, sometimes it is worth finding a new job, even if it is not exactly what you want to do and the pay is less – life is too short to spend 40 plus hours a week miserable. If it is a family member, you may not be able to eliminate them from your life, but you can most certainly reduce the time you spend around them.

If you follow some of these suggestions, you will find not only are you attracting more women, but also your life in general will be much higher quality. Ultimately, what I will teach you is not only how to be successful with women, but live a complete Alpha Lifestyle.

-Carlos Xuma


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