How To Attract Women Anytime

How To Attract Women – Anytime

We see it time and time again – these really amazing women who are dating or attracted to jerks. We can spot these a-holes from a mile away and yet women consistently fall for them.

They seem to know some big secret about how to attract women.

I’ve had dozens of guys tell me stories about the jerks that have stolen their girlfriends. Part of being a jerk is not feeling bad about swooping in and stealing someone else’s girl, right?

How To Attract Women -AnytimeIt’s that whole idea of the nice guys finishing last. You try to be a nice guy and the woman goes for the jerk.

We don’t like these guys because they aren’t acting in ways we traditionally think are “nice.” They don’t walk around considering how others feel, they aren’t seeking our approval, and they basically just do whatever they want.

Let’s face it – women are attracted to these bad boy jerks. Well it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little bit of understanding about what women like about jerks, you will unlock the secret to how to attract women.

Attract Women Secret…

Here’s what jerks do: they take the bull by the horns. They take the lead. They let other people buy them drinks. They tease beautiful women instead of fawning all over them. They aren’t afraid to have drastically different opinions than the rest of the group. They are decisive. They might decide to leave one club and go to another one and everyone follows and has fun.

We tend to focus on their obnoxious side, but in reality jerks can be fun and charming because they do whatever they want and aren’t constantly kissing ass and seeking approval.

So the real reason we hate jerks: We are jealous. We wish we could be like that. That is why the girls are into jerks. They like guys who don’t kiss ass or don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone thinks about him.

ATTRACTION FACT: There are essentially two methods on how to attract women. One is a long, slow seduction while the other is like a lightning strike.

The first strategy is a slow, take your time, and show her that you are a great provider. It’s boring. It might eventually work, but it is not the method I recommend.

And if another guy is employing the second strategy, which is infinitely more exciting, then she will go for him instead. For sure.

So, the second strategy is adopting the winning characteristics of the jerk or the bad boy while still essentially being the good guy provider from the first strategy. It is this combination that will be irresistible.

This combination is what I call the Alpha Attraction Method. It truly is the secret in how to attract women.

The bad boy is working on her at an emotional level and giving her a thrill, like a roller coaster ride.

The bad boy is also maintaining a bit of distance, so he appears elusive. If the girl is busy chasing you, she’s not going to be looking at anyone else. This is how to attract women.

So take some of those jerk or bad boy traits and combine them with your natural nice guy tendencies and you will be the winning combination.

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