Attract Women Tips

Most people realize by now that men and women are often completely different animals. Men think and women feel. It’s never that simple, of course. But when you look at how men and women express themselves and react to the world, you will find this true.

For example, ask a man about a piece of work. Chances are he will answer something, such as “I think that the artist was trying to show love in a time of war.” A woman will answer something, such as “I feel that the artist was trying to show love in a time of war.”

They actually are saying the same thing, but through a different lens, so to speak.

Understanding what a woman says is the key to attraction.

In fact, when you want to be successful with women, the first thing you should do is learn some attract women tips:

Attract Women Tips – Strategies:

1. Demand a woman’s attention. This doesn’t mean acting like a bully or domineering jerk. It means walking up to a woman in a way that shows you are an alpha male who is confident, direct, and not afraid to take charge.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
Demanding a woman’s attention involves strong eye contact and the ability to convey your self-confidence through your body language and words you choose.

2. Learn how to touch a woman the correct way. Many men have blown any attraction a woman feels for them by groping her or touching her in a grabby manner. Men might like to be manhandled and slapped on the rear by their teammates, but women don’t.

You can kill any attraction you’ve built by touching her wrong. Learn when and where to touch. At first, your only physical contact should be brief and best left to a gentle touch on her arm to get her attention when you begin speaking.

3. Be certain and decisive. Most men underestimate the damage they do by being wishy washy or being unable to decide. Don’t ever catch yourself saying, “I don’t care” or “whatever you want to do.” That type of statement just screams insecurity, neediness, and wimpiness – all major turn offs.

As a man in this world, you need to start practicing confidence, certainty, and decisiveness right now. Nobody likes a pushover. Develop a take-charge attitude and it will serve you well in all areas or your life, not just the dating arena.

4. Ditch the desperate light. I don’t care how desperate or insecure you are, do everything in your power to hide this from others. Find a role model, either a fictional one, or a real person, and study their attitude and posture. Learn how to emulate them. Do it enough and it will become part of your natural personality and behavior? Fake it until you make it.

It’s okay to realize that you aren’t quite where you want to be yet. That’s fine. We are all essentially works in progress. The difference is that your determination to grow will lead to your success.

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