The REAL Difference Between Men and Women

To the average guy, the female psyche can be a complete mystery.

Most of us will never completely understand why she needs all those shoes, loves to talk about who’s breaking up with who and why she can’t decide what’s she mad about during one of those fights.

In my experience of being in relationships – and teaching other guys how to handle theirs – I can honestly say you’re better off not probing into the how’s and why’s of a woman’s behavior.

To the male brain, a woman’s ways might seem unpredictable. The best thing to do is accept that the simple fact that your mind is built differently from the ground up compared to hers.

The sooner you accept this, the easier you can find a way around a woman’s “puzzling” behavior and attract her with ease.

Here’s how you can better appreciate those differences – and capitalize on them:


It’s All in Your Head

To shed a little light on the matter, you need to understand how biology and history have shaped the way men and women think.

It was the men who were usually in charge of hunting and defending against external threats back when people were living in small tribal communities. Women, on the other hand, had to hold down the fort and make sure the children were taken care of.

Throughout the different eras in history, our traditional roles have evolved men and women’s minds in different ways to survive as a species.

This explains why guys are more inclined to sleep with multiple partners (spreading their seed so to speak), not talking as much as women do (silence is golden during life-threatening situations) and more being hands-on with tools and weapons.

The pickup artist Mystery refers to this as a man’s natural desire to “survive and replicate.”

Women, however, ended up having a more developed set of communication skills. It was the natural result of taking care of the kids (hence the need to communicate more) and talking with the other members of the community while the men were away.

When you look at it this way, it makes a lot more sense why women enjoy talking about people and relationships more than guys.

So now it’s easy to see why most men would rather watch TV shows or movies about martial arts, sports and pretty much anything physical or goal-oriented in nature.

Women would rather go for something that involves emotional drama, like romantic movies or reality shows.

But how does all of this help you become more attractive to women?

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