Why do women dig older men?

Some guys know this, some don’t. But older guys are actually a hot property for women.

(Note: I did not say “girls” – like between the age of 18 and 22 or so. These are girls who genuinely believe in the Cyndi Lauper tune, “girls just wanna have fun.”)

But you might also wonder WHY women dig older guys…

To answer this, you need to understand these two basic things that women look for in a man:


#1 – Security, and #2 – Stability

You might have heard this a lot – A man’s job is to be a good provider. That means you need to be financially prepared. And you can do that by having a stable job that provides you a steady source of income. (You don’t have to be rich, by the way.)


Women want security – this need can only be met if the guy is secure enough physically, emotionally, mentally and financially.

Remember this, when you’re in an ongoing relationship with a woman, she’ll probably want the relationship to transcend to a deeper commitment, which is marriage.

That’s why most women prefer older men.  Here are more reasons why women dig older men:


Why women dig older guys – Reason # 1: He’s mature.

Older men have “been there and than that”. They no longer need to act like idiots just to pick up women. They don’t feel the need to hop from bar to bar just to look for women they can have quick fun with.

They’re more laid back and provide a nurturing environment, which women like because it’s aligned with their need to have a stable family life.

As they say, with age comes experience, and older guys have much more experience under their belt – and that makes them more forgiving when younger women create mistakes. (Which they always do…)

That’ll make her feel secure that he can and will handle their relationship – and not the other way around.
He will be her “rock”, someone she can always depend on.


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