Attract Women On An Emotional Level

Being able to attract women is easy. It’s as easy as 1, 2, and 3 think these 3 words F.U.N. this stands for Foolish, Uninhibited, Nonsense.

This doesn’t mean act like a fool, be unsafe, and stupid, it means provide something that other men won’t provide because they’re too serious and rigid. 
Women are attracted to men who are exciting and provide safe and fun experiences and can lead- and to be a leader a man must have the ability to make decisions and see those decisions through. Women are attracted to men that take action first, they explain what or why later… That builds mystery and wonderment.

Well there is an easy and low cost way to do this.

I want you to think Elementary school youthfulness. What did you do just about everyday that you were in Elementary school, well for me I would go to Recess. Think about it, wasn’t it F.U.N. it was for me and it was for her too.

So here’s the scenario you take a girl out and ask her to dress casual, if she asks why just tell her “You’ll see.” [Mystery + intrigue = attraction]

After you pick her up just drive, and go to a neighborhood that has a playground. (Stay out of school yards and City parks after dark, most times that would be trespassing.) Now for some of you this may seem childish but actually it’s not. It’s youthful and it does attract women – and you’ll see why in a minute.

Once you’ve arrived at the playground, park your vehicle and tell her “C’mon let’s go.”

1. The swing set: Why is this so fun? Well the simple answer is because it simulates sex, don’t you have to thrust and pump when you swing, of course you do. After a few minutes of swinging, you suddenly stop, and have an idea. Ask her, “Have you ever had a spider ride before?” She’ll probably say “no.”

So here’s what you do:

Have her stop swinging and invite her over to straddle you, (If she is reluctant be encouraging but not pushy.) She’ll place her legs around you and grab the chains on the swing and the two of you should begin to pump and thrust to get the swing moving, have her lean back and you do the same and look up to the sky. This is truly a stealthy way to make physical contact with a woman and have her thinking happy thoughts of you for providing a F.U.N. experience with her.  [Physical contact + Excitement = Attraction] these are attraction points in her mind.

2. The slides: The slides are great because sliding down a slide, gives you a rush of adrenaline especially if it’s a tall one.
Here’s what you do. At the top of the slide and you sit behind her, have her cross her arms and you wrap your arms around her for safety, then lean back slightly have her lift her feet from the slide and whisper in her ear “Are you ready, this is going to be fun.”

(Whispering in a woman’s ear actually releases endorphins – a chemical that works to attract women on a biological level) Inch forward and slide down, as you get to the end put your feet down first if you can and stop both of you, don’t let her fall down on the ground you’ll lose points for sure. Then do it again a few more times.

3. The merry-go-round: This is by far the best enjoyment for women; the reason being is that it simulates dancing, the revolving movement, gives her a feeling of euphoria, and this causes her to feel attracted to you. To do this, and with any activity you share with a women always think safety and fun.

Help her climb aboard, be a gentleman. Once she is on have her sit down near the middle and hold on. Give it a good strong spin. Jump on and join her, sit behind her and hold her tightly; this is a great time to escalate some sexual tension. This is where you can actually kiss her on the neck and ear, at this point in the interaction she’s already thinking relationship.

When you are done remember this, she is attracted to you and you have given her something that all women want from a man, a positive memory. This will be one of the most memorable times of her life. [ Positive memories = attraction]

– Jacques Joyeaux

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