Attract Women

Sometimes men get so desperate to either get laid or attract women and have them as a girlfriend that they settle for the first girl who comes along and likes them.

If you want to maintain your dignity and self-esteem, it is important that you have standards in who you date. If you want to seduce women of quality, you need to have boundaries set in place that you do not compromise.

Anyone who hurts your self-confidence or makes you feel insecure is not worth it. There are millions of women out there who would be a better fit for you. There are really four key traits that you want to look for in a good woman.

Attract Women With The Following Traits:

1. Have positive attitudes and flexible personalities. I’m talking about women who are upbeat and have an optimistic philosophy in life. These women take care of themselves. They know the importance of good health and really look to the bright side of life. They are open and have a sense of adventure. Her personality is engaging. She is not patronizing and odes not look down on you or others. She is not high maintenance. She does not need to be constantly reassured.

2. Have integrity and whom you can trust. If you can’t trust a woman, you shouldn’t be spending time with her. For all you know, this woman could have your children. If a woman makes you worry, it’s time to get out of there. If she backstabs or is resentful, it will eventually be turned toward you.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
3. You find both sexually and emotionally stimulating and attractive. You need to be excited mentally, as well as physically. And you’d be surprised how much better the sex is with someone who stimulates you mentally, as well. Make sure your sex drives are compatible, as well. It makes life much easier down the road.

4. Are competent and capable of taking care of themselves. Avoid women who are looking for a guy to save them or seeking a father figure. Some men like this role, but usually men end up resenting being the daddy as well as the boyfriend. The woman you are looking for will be self-sufficient. She’ll be taking care of herself. She’ll have her own income and have a job that supports herself.

Now, that you have a general blueprint of the kind of woman who will make you happy in the long run, you might also notice that I never said anything about that woman having the same taste in music or books or whatever. If you build your relationship on positive attitudes, flexibility, integrity, trust, sexual and emotional stimulation, and competence, you are already three-quarters of the way there.

Don’t’ settle for less. As I said, you need to make sure that when you attract women you need to spend time her and she is worth your time. You need to also consider whether she is someone you would want to raise your children. These qualities are an easy way to winnow out the riff raff.

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