Attract Women

Insecurity seems to be at the heart of anything and everything that goes wrong in relationships with women. Insecurity fosters fear that we aren’t good enough to attract women and keep them. It also makes us afraid that we will lose the woman we finally have to someone who is better than us.

Deep inside we are afraid that our girlfriends will trade us in for a better, newer, shinier model. This fear is not unique. It is common that even the most confident men might have some insecurity in this area.

That is why I try to teach men how to get the attention of a woman and keep their trust and attraction levels high enough that you don’t have to every worry.

The reason this works is that when you work to keep her attraction to you at its maximum potential, there is little room for her to feel attraction for another man. Really. You can’t be interested in two different people to the same extent. We always will feel a bit more desire for one over the other. Even if it is a small difference, that difference is still there.

So the key on how to get their attention and keep them, is to make sure you are always that man she desires slightly more than anyone else she finds attraction.

Attract Women Tips:

1. Don’t smother her.

2. Demonstrate the Three S’s I teach (self-confidence, self-discipline, and a sense of humor).

3. Ignore any perceived threats by other men. If someone else tries to jump your game, remember you have the home field advantage. You have inside information and tactics on your girl. So the most attractive thing you can do in response is not react. It doesn’t fluster you at all. At the same time, demonstrate even more self-discipline, self-confidence, and your sense of humor. This is the secret to attract her.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
4. Even if a threat temporarily sweeps her off her feet, remember that your distance and relaxation will bring her back to you. He’ll be chasing her and she will be intrigued by your reaction. And chances are his approach will be the wrong one and she will come hurtling back to you.

5. Don’t take your competition seriously or you may end up pushing her right into the other guy’s arms. It won’t last unless your jealousy makes her stay with him.

6. Date other women. Unless you are ready to get married, I encourage you to date other women. There is no reason to put your eggs all in one basket. By dating multiple women you are also not pressuring one woman to fulfill all your emotional needs, which can be overwhelming and a turn off.

Remember that the key to attract women and keep them around is to realize that the more attraction she feels for you, the less she will feel for any other guy. Truly, it is difficult to pursue more than one guy at a time. And there will always be one she desires slightly more. Make sure you are that one by your actions. If she’s the one chasing, you, she won’t dump you.

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