Alpha Male

If you truly want to be an alpha male you need to take charge and make healthy decisions about what type of women you are going to allow into your life.

Men need to start testing women early on in the relationship to determine quickly whether a woman is worth keeping around. A true man is not going to waste his time, emotions, or money on someone who isn’t worth it.

Here are some tests men should do that help weed out the riff raff:

Alpha Male Tests:

1. Gold Digger. Women are biologically programmed to seek out men who are providers. It doesn’t matter how successful or wealthy a woman is herself, she will still want to know you can provide for her and a possible family.

To determine whether this is her natural response or whether she’s only out for your money, you need to makes sure your first two or three meetings don’t involve a lot of money. But make sure they are fun dates. If she acts disappointed, this is sign. Also, don’t spill the beans about your work. Be a little coy about it and talk about the fulfillment you get from your work. Remember, natural curiosity about how you can be a provider does not equal gold digging.

2. She’s boring. If she irritates you and the sex starts to lag, get out. You want to spend time with someone who is fun to be around, not work.

Test her by pushing a few of her buttons to tease her. Her insecurity will shine through if she reacts by withdrawing and being distant toward you. You can say “lighten up” and see what she does. Be sure you aren’t insulting her with your gentle teasing. Really defensive women are best avoided.

3. Is she a head case? Look at her behavior? Is it stable or does it lean toward inconsistent like a roller coaster ride? Keep your eyes peeled for erratic behavior. The red flags must not be ignored.

4. Does she have integrity? You want to date women of good character. There are a lot of tests to help you determine this, but here is an easy one. Take her to an ice cream parlor and hand her $10. Tell her to order you a chocolate ice cream while you use the restroom. When you return, see if she hands over your change.

5. Gives as good as she gets. A crucial trait in a woman is whether she is as good at giving as she is at taking. You want someone who can do both. She wants to please you as much as you want to please her.

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The Alpha Male test for this involves the locked car door. I think this was in the movie, A Bronx Tale, but here is how it works: Unlock and open her door and then close it. Walk slowly around the back of the car to your side. Does she reach over to unlock the door? Give her a few shots to do this and see what happens in case she’s nervous and forgets the first few times. This is a good indicator of someone who can give and take.

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