Top Five Ways To Not Exhibit Alpha Male Traits

Sometimes even the most self-confident men fall into bad behavior patterns in the dating world that run the risk of making them needy supplicant wimps. Here’s how to avoid that and maintain your inner alpha male traits.

Obstacles to Alpha Male Traits:

1. You not only put up with your girl making excuses, you actually find yourself asking for these excuses. For instance, you ask her why she does something. You question behaviors that indicate she is not that interested in you. For example, you question why she won’t kiss you in public or why she ignores you at parties.

Her excuses are usually obviously made up. She seems indifferent and she definitely seems unenthusiastic. Your answer needs to be determining whether she is really interested in you. If she’s not interested in you, then it’s sayonara, my friend.

2. You obsess about what she’s doing and whom she’s with. This is a downward spiral. Your only cure is to get out there and meet other women. Start dating other women, as well so you aren’t as focused on her. If you like her a lot, it helps to realize that your behavior is going to scare her away.

3. You find yourself trying to buy her love and sex with objects. You are fooling yourself if you think that this shows any value on your part. It shows you have no value for yourself. The remedy is to realize that you are treating her like a hooker. Demonstrate that you aren’t a wimpy and keep your money in your pants.

4. She flirts all the time. And you put up with it.

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She may be young or insecure or young and insecure. These types of women need a lot of attention. The answer is to decide if she is trying to make you jealous. If she is, don’t act jealous no matter what. Tell her that the women you keep around treat you as if you are the only man on the planet. She’ll have to decide on her own if she’s the type of woman you keep around.

5. You do all the work and she doesn’t do anything. For instance, you call her all the time and she never initiates the call. This might indicate a lack of interest on her part. If you don’t call obsessively and your dates seem to be mutually satisfying, this may not be an issue. But keep an eye out for other signs of flagging interest.

The remedy is if you feel her interest is lacking, put your foot down. Tell her when you leave a message you expect a return call. If she makes excuses, go find someone else to date.

I realize a lot of what you read above about maintaining your alpha male traits could lead to breaking up with a woman. That’s okay. There are millions of women out there and you need to hold on to your dignity and find a woman who will build you up and not bring you down.

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