Meet Women Tips

Meet Women

Every once in a while a guy who is heading to college for the first time as an older student asks me for some tips for how to meet women on campus.

Maybe you are in a similar situation. Whether you didn’t have time for college the first go round or you are just taking a class as an adult to gain a skill, either way you actually have a better chance of meeting a girl than the average Joe who just graduated from high school.
Meet Women

College girls are ideal for casual dating. Most aren’t looking to get married.

Many are flexing their sexual wings living away from home for the first time.

The campus itself is full of women: the library, classes, and the gym, eating spots. You’ll be able to meet women – and have more to choose from than ever before.

Here are three tips that will help you meet women on campus:

Meet Women Tip #1: Emphasize Your Real World Experience and Maturity

What that translates to is self-confidence. You’ve been there and done that and that makes you already more attractive than the unsure and insecure young man striking out from home for the first time.

So, wear your confidence like a badge. Sit right next to the women you want to meet. Be casual, but definitely show you are interested in them in a confident way. Ask to borrow a pen or eraser or ask the time.

If you don’t act like a horny dog in heat (which is how all the other college men act), you will create an air of mystery around you. They’ll wonder if you like them or not and that actually creates attraction.

Convey your confidence through your body language when you meet women. Look at her straight on. Use you posture to broadcast an air of confidence and yet aloofness at the same time.

Meet Women Tip #2 Take Your Time

One of the great things about being on campus is that is a bit of an insular climate. What I mean is that chances are you will run into people over and over again.

And the women in your classes will be there two to three times a week, so take advantage of this proximity and frequency by taking your time.

You don’t have to say the perfect thing at the perfect moment, knowing that all your chances lie in that one encounter.

Instead, let the sexual tension build. Remain a bit mysterious. Take your time and let each meeting or encounter build upon itself.

Do not rush to get phone numbers. You have lots of time. You will seem more cool and confident if you take your time and get to know her first.

Meet Women Tip #3 Maximize your Visibility

Make sure you are seen with lots of women all the time. But not in a romantic context. Have lots of female friends. This will raise your social value and help you to meet others.

In other words, be a social butterfly. Make it your goal to make as many friends as possible and constantly work to expand your social network. A college campus is conducive to conversation because there is always something in common to talk about. Ask what classes she is taking. Ask where she is from.

But if you want to continue dating casually, don’t shower your affections on just one girl in public or you’ll scare the rest away. Unless you find your dream girl, keep it casual and have the time of your life going out there to meet women.

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