How To Get A Girl To Like Me

Predictable men put women to sleep. And not in a good way. Women aren’t attracted to men who are always consistent in their behaviors.

Men don’t get this and often ask how to get a girl to like me. They understandably think that by being consistent, they are demonstrating they are good mates and possibly future husbands and fathers of the woman’s children.

That’s all fine and dandy. Later on. In the beginning of a relationship (I’m talking about the stages before you actually consider each other marriage material), you need to stir up her lust and passion by sending her mixed signals.

Keep her on her toes so she is never quite sure of your intentions.

By being a bit unpredictable, she will be more attracted to you. But beware, the key is to only do it occasionally and not too radically or you might scare her off. Keep it just subtle enough that she still likes you but wonders.

For instance, every once in a while do something that makes her lift her eyebrow in surprise, such as offering to go watch a romantic comedy with her when you’ve complained about disliking movies like that in the past. Or maybe take her to some offbeat hole-in-the-wall restaurant that serves great food when normally you enjoy fine dining.

Here are some other ways to send mixed signals that will get her blood boiling in a good way:

How To Get A Girl To Like Me Steps:

1. Occasionally act aloof and mysterious. This is a good way to escalate attraction. Every once in a while, clam up and ignore her. Maybe you are listening intently to her conversation and interacting passionately with what she is saying and then you just space out and daydream.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
2. Tell her you are busy and don’t have time to see her, but then unexpectedly show up. You might tell her you can’t make her dinner get together with some friends, but then show up with some roses to surprise her and keep her on her toes.

3. Grab her and give her a smooch, a seductive one, then push her away and busy yourself doing other things. This is also known as the push-pull method and is a great way to spice up your seduction.

4. Compliment her outfit and then tell her later you don’t like it. Make sure nothing you say is cruel or this will backfire. You can say you thought you liked that dress on her earlier, but she really has more flattering outfits in her closet that you like even more.

5. Make sure she knows you know her phone number by heart (have it memorized) and then later ask for it again, telling her you forgot it.

Remember that attraction stems from a combination of opposite behaviors, such as acting both interested and aloof.

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