Tips On How To Get A Girlfriend

The first bit of advice I give guys looking on tips on how to get a girlfriend  has to do with the image they present to the world. Some guys underestimate the importance of this. So, if you are looking for a girlfriend or even women to date casually, the first thing you need to do is spiff up your appearance. That first impression counts for a lot. This doesn’t mean you only need to worry about how you look. What it does mean is you need to make sure your appearance doesn’t turn a woman off before she even has a chance to get to know you. The goal in spiffing up your appearance is to get your foot in the door.

In addition, when you look good, you feel good, so then you are boosting that number one most important trait you need in attracting women: self-confidence.

Here are some basic areas of hygiene and physical appearance to focus on first:

Tips on How To Get A Girlfriend:

1. Hair. I’m talking about the hair on your melon and every other bit of your body where hair grows. First, the hair on your head should be neat. If you want long hair, fine, but keep it neat. And just as a matter of interest, you limit the number of women who will date you if you have green hair, a Mohawk, or long hair in a ponytail. It’s just a fact that the majority of women prefer men with shorter hair.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
Men who are losing their hair, might consider going with a very, very short cut or even shaving their head, which works well for many men. I think your best haircut is one that appears as if it looks good with little effort.

Mustaches and beards are very subjective. Some women love them. Some hate them. I do know that some women are reluctant to kiss a guy with facial hair because they don’t want their face scratched, so keep that in mind. If you do opt for facial hair, keep it neat and trimmed.

Hair on the rest of your body should be looked at carefully. Back hair or excessive hair on your neck might require some waxing. Look for nose hair and ear hair and make sure you don’t have any. Some women like chest hair, so I wouldn’t worry about that much. Keep your nether region trimmed, as well.

2. Nails. These should be clean and trimmed. On hands and feet.

3. Mouth. Make sure your lips aren’t chapped. Keep your teeth brushed and flossed. Use mouthwash is you worry about bad breath. Regularly visit your dentist. If you have major teeth issues, consider investing in getting them fixed. Remember this is where she’s going to put her tongue. Make it inviting.

4. Skin. Make sure you aren’t scaly and rough all over. Cracked and callused skin is not a turn on. Use lotion. Make attempts to clear up acne.

5. Smells. Body odor and foot odor and farts are a huge turn off. Save them for the locker room. And I already mentioned breath. Lick your hand and smell your saliva. If it smells, your breath reeks. Carry mints and then consult a dentist if you have chronic bad breath.

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