How To Meet Women

It is normal to be a bit self-centered. This is a natural human trait that has allowed us to survive over the centuries. It is normal to be a bit obsessed with how we feel and whether we feel self-confidence, adequate and worthy of others.

This is normal, but it is also important to realize that by finding reassurance in these areas — by gaining enough confidence in ourselves — we can let this energy go and focus on relationships.

If you are looking for the first step in how to meet women, take care of your fundamental needs first so you can expand out beyond your inner shell and focus on others. Because our self interest will always trump our good intentions.

I’m not saying this is bad. A certain measure of selfishness is necessary before you can do good for anyone else. In fact, people who have a great sense of self and confidence, have more to give to others. These guys are the winners in getting a girlfriend. They aren’t expending all their energy on firming up their own sense of self and have more to give.

Being self-centered can be good as long as it’s not extreme. IN fact, with high self-esteem and self-confidence, men can drop their defenses and engage in more fulfilling relationships. There might also be less violence and conflict in the world from those criminals who seek power because of low self-esteem.

Women also have the same self-interest and this causes them to act in particular ways as well. For instance, a woman will first look out for her safety. When a woman looks at a man as a potential mate or date, she is doing a subconscious calculation and determination in her head whether the man can provide for her by meeting her needs. Will the man protect her and be a good lover?

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
The key in approaching  women is finding someone where you can balance both your self-interests along with hers. That is the ideal match.

What should you do when you first meet a woman?

How To Meet Women Tips:

1. One piece of advice I like to share when talking about meeting women is to make sure you give her an experience that is exciting. Make it fun. Give her a rush and that will distinguish you from the last ten guys she dated who bought her dinner.

2. Make sure your first few meetings are fun and exciting. That way she will keep coming back for more. It’s like an addiction and you’re the drug.

3. Make sure you give her a bigger rush than her anticipation of getting together. Then after a few times, pull back and be busy. See how she works to make the meeting happen. This is the key to approaching women and keep them coming back for more.

You maintain emotional warmth combined with a bit of mystery and aloofness. Don’t lay all your cards on the table. If you do this and are acting with honesty and integrity, you will both be happy. These are some tips on how to meet women.

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