Find A Woman

Whether you are looking to sow your wild oats by dating every woman who crosses your path or whether you are looking to find a woman of your dreams, you need to approach the hunt in the same manner.

The way you carry yourself, your basic social presence, which is also known as your psychological posture, can make the difference between success and failure in how to find the girl of your dreams.

Find A Woman Tips:

1. Basically, your psychological posture is the impression you leave. It encapsulates your success in commanding respect from the people you interact with.

Having a good posture, means you are able to present yourself as an equal to others in regards to personalities, egos, and demands.

In the dating world, this means you walk into any situation with a woman and feel in control. This means feeling enough of control in the situation that you feel confident asking for a phone number. It means feeling confident enough when you are on a date. It means confidence in initiating sexual contact with a woman. When you feel this sort of control, your insecurities fly away and you will make fewer errors and find more success.

2. This also gives you even more self-assurance. Part of your posture if you want to look for a partner means believing and acting as if you are the one with something to offer. That you have something a woman needs and wants.

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You can measure posture on a scale, with one end being total ambivalence to a situation or woman and the other side being obsessed with the situation or woman. The spot in the middle is the ideal zone for you to maintain your posture. IN this position, you do think about her occasionally, but you also remain a bit detached.

It’s the same idea as when you found out someone had a huge crush on you but you felt zero attraction for them. While you might have felt a bit flattered, in reality you could care less. How did you treat that woman with a crush on you? You probably acted a bit aloof, not wanting to encourage her feelings. The result was she probably wanted and liked you even more because of it.

Now, when you do what to be in a relationship, you should work to emulate this same attitude with every woman you relate to, especially the ones you are attracted to. If you do this aloofness right and combine it with a little flirting, you will be successful.

You just have enough cool detachment that she isn’t quite sure about your interest, but is curious about it.

Remember that posture doesn’t mean being a jerk, either. It’s that perfect balance between a bit of emotional warmth and aloofness that is the winning combination to get a girlfriend and keep her interested.

3. And remember also to act with honesty and integrity. Don’t manipulate a woman’s self-esteem or use her insecurities as a way to control.

Posture means leaving her wanting more and being so busy, you can turn down a date if it doesn’t fit your schedule. It’s also the opposite of needy. It’s having high standards and taking the time to get a girl that is right for you. It’s being able to refuse a woman who is possibly poisonous for you even if she is the most stunning woman you’ve ever laid eyes on.

Posture will mean that no matter what happens in a relationship, you will walk away with respect and admiration from others. These are some tips on how to find a woman you want.

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