How To Approach A Girl

In learning how to approach a girl you should know that women are like flowers: they smell good, are pretty to look at, and bring beauty to our lives. There are as many types of women as there are flowers in the world. However, just like some flowers grow in the wild and some grow in a garden, women usually originate from one of two camps.

This delineation, which begins in their formative childhood years, will help you determine how to talk to women in a relationship. The two kinds of women we will look at are classified as the Stroked and the UN-stroked.

These two categories help us as men examine the essence of a woman’s behavior and show how each woman is different. If we recognize and respond to these differences, we have conquered half the battle in how to meet a girl.

Let’s take a look at these two different types of women:

How To Approach A Girl Tips:

1. The woman who is Stroked. Now, this is a lot like what it implies. This woman was praised, adored, and given loads of attention as a child. She has good self-esteem because she had lots of love and attention for her looks and/or behavior. Now, that she is an adult, she enjoys being complimented, but will respond better if a man does not instantly gratify her every need and wish. She responds well to any type of challenge.

She, like any other person, does have small holes and deficiencies in her self esteem because nobody is completely self-assured. But for the most part, she is a bit arrogant in her confidence in her self and her looks. She also might be slightly cocky about her hold over men. Occasionally you will see her play some of the games that other women do, that involve testing and controlling or playing hard to get.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
When you are thinking about approaching  a woman, it is helpful to have some inkling of which type of woman she is and then you will know what she wants and what approach she will respond best to.

The Stroked type of woman is usually more of a giver and responds well to alpha male traits. They have lots of love ready to give to a confident man who challenges and attracts them.

2. The second type of woman is the one we call the UN-stroked woman. For whatever reason, she never got enough attention or adoration. Either she suffered from this lack as a child or had this type of deficiency in a previous relationship with a man.

In some ways, she is always looking for this type of attention and praise from others. She has suffered from this lack and her self-esteem is directly affected.

She may act desperate for recognition and attention in whatever form she can get it.

This is the type of woman who will respond when a man gives her his attention and compliments her. She finds this type of attention a bit addicting. Knowing how to meet a woman like this can be the difference between success and failure.

If a man gives her this and then takes it away, she will do anything to regain that attention. Keep in mind that some of these women who are considered unstroked might veer into the damaged goods category. She may have a toxic relationship with her parents and still be trying to garner the love and attention from her parents she didn’t receive as a child. An Unstroked woman will be more of a taker than a giver and require a lot of energy to keep happy.

It’s up to you which girl will make you happiest in the long run by knowing how to approach a girl based on their differences can be the determining factor between a date with your video games or a date with a hot girl.

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