Ways to Approach Women

Even the most confident men sometimes has a moment of approach anxiety. Most men have experienced this fear at least once in their life.

Maybe they were having an off day or maybe they’ve always felt this way when it comes to knowing ways to approach women. Here are five secret strategies:

Ways to Approach Women – Strategies:

1. Demand that she pay attention to you.

This doesn’t mean being arrogant or a jerk. It means walking up with an alpha male, attitude that shouts that you have a take-charge confidence and are direct.

To do this, make sure your body language oozes confidence and that your actions and words back this up. Lock eyes with her and be the alpha male.

Don’t make the mistake other guys make by trying to first become her friends. Don’t be a wimp that way. Demand and command her attention from the get go.

2. Know how to touch her. Most men don’t have a clue how women want to be touched, especially when you first meet them. Groping, grabbing, or touching in any annoying way can be a huge turnoff. It can be a deal breaker.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
In addition, moving too close into her personal space too soon is a bad idea.

There is a right way to touch a woman when you first approach her. It should be a brief and light touch on her arm to get her attention when you first begin to speak to her.

This early in the game any time of touch that lingers or seems like a grope is creepy, not sexy. If you don’t know her, don’t touch her other than that light brief attention-getting touch or you are going to kill any budding attraction between you.

3. Be decisive. Any sign of wishy-washy or wimpiness at this time can blow the whole deal. You need to walk up to women with the thought in your head that you are a confident man approaching a woman you’d like to get to know.

Your body language, words, and actions need to exude decisiveness. They should broadcast loud and clear that you are the type of guy who knows what you want and what you like. Cultivate a take-charge attitude.

4. Don’t act desperate.

If you are needy or wimpy, a woman can spot this from a block away. I don’t care how insecure you feel inside, project an aura of confidence and fake it until you make it. In other words, bolster yourself up with positive self-talk, not letting those insecure, little voices in your head have a chance to pipe up. Keep doing this until you don’t even notice you are and that your confidence comes naturally.

One way to do this is emulate a confident man — either a fictional character or someone you know in real life. Ask yourself: How would (so and so) act. Then assume their attitude and posture until it is second nature.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in your goal to improve yourself.

Men tend to shun away from asking for help, but the men who are most successful with women were not afraid to work on their ability to attract women by setting their ego aside and figuring out what worked for others and what are the effective ways to approach women.

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