How Do I Seduce A Woman

Small disagreements, large disputes, even world wars stem from power struggles. It’s all about who has the control. So the question now is how do I seduce a woman?

When it comes to relationships and seduction, the one who loves the least tends to have the most control. But control isn’t always a good thing. Along with control comes responsibility.

Let’s take a look at control and how to understand it working relationships and influences the decisions you make.

People seek control so they feel secure. When you feel in control, you feel confident and secure. When you feel out of control, you feel insecure and don’t have confidence.

Men seeking relationships should look at how control issues play out in a relationship. Who has the control and who needs the control? These are both important questions.

How Do I Seduce A Woman Principles:

1. The person in a relationship who feels the least amount of control is usually the one who is the most infatuated with the other. A sense of control strongly influences the amount of attraction someone feels toward another person.

For instance, when you feel as if you can control the other person in the relationship and they agree with everything you say and go along with everything you suggest, there is a level of confidence that goes with this, but at the same time your level of attraction for that person lowers. That person is no challenge. Don’t be that person who presents zero challenge.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
2. Instead, demonstrate the three S’s. Those are self-discipline, self-confidence, and a sense of humor. These are truly the keys to happiness, as well. When you can honestly say you have these three S’s under your belt, your life possibilities will open up. You will automatically become more attractive to women.

3. Don’t seek out power struggles in a relationship and don’t try to control women to fulfill your ego needs. This only hurts both of you in the long run. You must always try to act with honesty and integrity if you want to find true fulfillment in your life and in your relationships.

4. Realize that the only thing you can truly control in any relationships is how you act and how you think. In the end, this is your biggest tool to attract more women and gain the control over relationships in a healthy way.

5. It helps to understand what women want and what motivates them. They are less motivated by control in many aspects. Women seek men who exhibit alpha male traits. They can’t help it. They can be the most self-sufficient powerful woman in the country and they still will want a man who can prove by his actions and behaviors that he is a provider.

If you learn what women want, learn to let go of power struggles and gain the confidence you need to be attractive; the world is your oyster. These are some tips on how do I seduce a woman.

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