Flirt With Girls

Men flirt with girls for one of two reasons: hoping it leads to sex alone or hoping that it leads to sex and a relationship.

Women want to be intimate as much as men do, but they have a different set of requirements and are on a separate timetable than men. They don’t want to be labeled slutty. There is still a huge taboo on being thought promiscuous.

There are self defense mechanisms women use to avoid being thought of as easy. Here’s how to successfully seducing a women by recognizing these ways she manages her cognitive dissonance:

Flirt With Girls Tips:

1. If everything is going well, most girls will want to wait until you’re on that third date (or past it) to sleep with you. This is because unwritten cultural rules seem to think that this is the correct period of time women should wait. However, keep in mind that when you do end up having sex is ultimately determined by how much she trusts and is attracted to you.

2. Girls find obvious verbal and physical sexual innuendos or suggestions a turn off. This doesn’t mean she won’t like it during sex. It’s just that she wants to keep her ladylike image maintained and doesn’t want you to challenge it. It’s okay, however, if she’s the one to bring up sex talk.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
Knowing these two factors will give you a greater understanding of women and help you to more successfully in seducing women. Girls don’t think overt sexual topics are sexy, so you are better off keeping that out of your flirting talk.

Trying to convince her to sleep with you is also a sure way to fail, along with being pushy, which will often backfire. Her emotions, not logic, will ultimately help her make the decision to have sex.

Learning how to flirt not only involves avoiding overt sex talk. It also means showing that you are a man who can be a bit vulnerable and that you are able to express your emotions. However, be very, very careful in doing so.

Full disclosure and overexposure are turn off when you flirt with women. Hold something back so you can maintain some mystery. At first, only disclose tidbits about your life that you think will spark her attraction. Don’t tell her something disturbing about your childhood. You’ll have plenty of time to confess your worm-squishing obsession when – and if – you decide to date long term. For now, only tell her things that will help her feel more sexually attracted to you.

Don’t lie, either. The best way to flirt  is to have discretion instead of confession. You can tell her things as long as you are honest and never lie, but that doesn’t mean you have to tell her everything. There is a difference.

Learning the best flirting skills to use takes practice. If you find something, doesn’t work, make a note, and be sure not to do it the next time with the next girl you encounter. These are some tips on how to flirt with girls.

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