How To Get A Girl To Want Me

What does that goofy guy with the wrinkled shirt and messy hair have that makes every woman in the room giggle and flirt with him?

Well, it’s simple; he knows the answers to “How to get a girl to want me?”

In fact, he might have written the book on it. But that knowledge is not some deep, dark secret. Any guy can learn how to spark attraction in women.

Here are a few tips that have worked for hundreds of men:

How To Get A Girl To Want Me Tips

1. Realize that there is no logic to attraction.

Attraction is not cerebral. It is not a logical, rational, or even voluntary decision that women make. It is done on a deeper, subtler level. Some of it goes back to primitive instinct, even. That is why we scratch our heads sometimes when we see the Super Model with the ugly guy. It’s not logical. It makes no sense to us as outsiders.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
2. Communication counts for more.

Knowing that there is no logic, here’s how to spark attraction: by how you communicate with women. Women want to be seduced. If you are successful at doing this, your looks don’t matter one iota. If you can seduce a woman, she will find you attractive. Don’t worry about not being physically handsome; there are other ways to spark attraction. It is all about what you say, how you act, and your ability to ignite her desire.

3. Don’t put chains of the smack down on a woman.

In other words, make sure you are not confining or constraining a woman in any way. Women will resists any man who threatens her freedom or independence or who comes on too strongly. That will make her run for the hills. It’s up to you to remain at arm’s length and even play a bit hard to get. Whatever you do, avoid making her feel tied down.

Usually women who are ready to have children might be more open to feeling closely tied to a man, but until then, make sure you don’t make her feel trapped in any way.

4. Teasing and challenging a woman is a sure path to seduction.

Teasing a woman the right way ignites desire. If you tease and challenge, you are showing that you are a bit hard to get, that you are not desperate, and that you are desirable to others.

You might ask how teasing and challenging can convey all that?

It’s because that behavior screams self-confidence. This works particularly well with women who are extremely beautiful. These women have probably had men worshipping them their entire lives. When you act in a different manner by challenging her and teasing her, that makes you unique and attractive. By not placing women on pedestals, you show her that you know what is inside counts the most. These are some tips on how to get a girl to want me.

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