Attract Women (Wrong and Right way)

Wrong versus the right way: Most of us engage in foreplay and lovemaking the wrong way. First you kiss, then you undress, then you play with her breasts, then you play with her vagina, then you have intercourse, then the sex is over. That’s the wrong way – and it is boring, predictable, and inefficient. It doesn’t create the highest levels of mental and physical readiness. It doesn’t promote anticipation and desire. It doesn’t lead to the greatest sex. Great sex isn’t terrible – and neither is great foreplay. Great foreplay and great sex have an element of unpredictability to them.

Attract Women With Foreplay (Wrong and Right way)The importance and benefits of the right way: One of the biggest complaints from ladies is that their men don’t spend enough time on foreplay before sex. One of the biggest complaints from men is that their ladies don’t want to have sex nearly often enough. What we need to understand as men is why lots of foreplay is so important. Through having a proper understanding and execution of foreplay, you will give your lady the foreplay that she wants and needs and you will be rewarded with the more frequent and higher quality sex that you want. It’s not rocket science it’s both simple and effective. If you are looking to attract women this is what you need to understand to get the results you want. Foreplay is a strategy, and the best strategy will get you the quickest results.

Proper foreplay will eliminate the burden of not getting the satisfaction you want from a woman. If you don’t do this for a woman she will become bored with you, and she will become stressed and let herself go, both body and in personality. This formula illustrates what happens and what you can do to prevent it.

No foreplay = stressed = comfort food = stressed = resentment = contempt = no sex.

When you want to attract women, knowing this formula makes all the difference.

Let me clarify this for you and break it down.

No foreplay causes stress for a woman, she will then give “you” stress.

When she is stressed she will seek comfort in one of three ways, carbohydrate ridden food, material possessions, or sex with other men (sometimes women).

When these things no longer satisfy her, she will be more stressed, she’s gained weight, she is now in debt, and feels cheapened by having gone out of her relationship with you to seek satisfaction that you didn’t provide her. This is not her fault, you neglected her.
Now she blames you for everything, any little thing will set her off she is an emotional time bomb. When the contempt finally sets in she will do anything and everything to make your life a living hell, even leave you for one of you friends, don’t be surprised because it’s all your fault, you have the power and responsibility to keep her satisfied, and you didn’t do it, and now you want to know “how do I get my ex girlfriend back.”

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