How To Talk To Girls

She’s hot and she likes you. You’re fun and the one she calls when she wants to go get a last-minute drink or go dancing at midnight. She confides everything to you. She’s cried into your sleeve about her abusive ex-boyfriend and how she has such a hard time trusting men now. You’re falling for her big time.

But there’s one big problem. You’ve never even exchanged a kiss. You’ve hugged and she’s even slept over in your bed one night when it got really late.

You might wonder when you should make your move or if she is waiting for you to kiss her. She’s not. Face it, my friend, you are firmly entrenched in that dangerous territory called The Friend Zone.

Your entry and exit into The Friend Zone has a lot to do with what you say and do. Here are some thoughts on how to talk to girls:

How to Talk To Girls Tips:

1. Look for the red flags. You missed the biggest one – this girl is coming from an abusive relationship and it looks like she wants you to fix her. The problem is, you can’t. She’s got issues and she’s going to manipulate you to be her best friend and confidant, but she’s not going to fall for you, no matter how much she leads you to believe this is a possibility.

2. Face facts, you’re basically her bitch. If she cries on your shoulder, sleeps in the same bed as you, but there is no physical or intimate contact, then she has turned you into her best friend forever. You’re not anyone’s BFF, you are a man, and you need to establish that right now. No more crying sessions with the girls. She can save that for someone else.

3. You blew it along time ago. Your chance to remain safely free of the Friend Zone came and went a long time ago. It’s your job as a man to make sure that every time you meet a woman, you are advancing your approach and making sure it is always moving toward intimacy. If you drop the ball in this area, you will get categorized as a friend. IT’s entirely your fault. You are responsible for her deciding you weren’t someone to have sex with, but are a good buddy.

When most men are told the three tips above about how to talk to women, they think the next step is to just lay one on her. To just bust a move and let her know you find her attractive as a woman. But honestly, I think at this point it is too late. You need to move on. If you don’t break off the relationship right now, you are headed down that slippery slope that leads to being a wimp without a shred of confidence.

So, stop the sleepovers and stop the get togethers. Tell her you need to spend time with women who are sexually attracted to you. Just flat out say it and then move on.

-Carlos Xuma

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