Get Your Girlfriend Back

It shouldn’t be a big shock if you are acting clingy and then you get dumped. If you are not ambitious and are boring and not reliable, too boot, well it should be no surprise that she is going to lose interest.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve met her parents and you love each other and your relationship appears to be good. Sometimes a break-up is inevitable.

But that’s not why you are reading is it? You want to know how to get your girlfriend back and fast.

Have you ever heard the saying that you know you’ve got a keeper when you actually think there is someone better out there for them?

But you don’t have her, now do you? It sucks when you get dumped. Almost all of us have been there, too. So let’s talk about what is going on right now and how to have her back. In addition, I’ll share tips to prevent another girl from breaking up with you in the future because not every break up is salvageable. But meanwhile, you should also be studying the mistakes you made so you don’t repeat them.

Well, I’m not sure you can salvage this relationship, but lets look at what mistakes you made and if there is the possibility of fixing them, or at the very least, not repeating them:

Get your Girlfriend Back:

1. Clinginess. This is bad. This makes women doubt your ability to protect them. And I don’t if you are dating the most independent black belt wearing woman on the planet, biologically all women are programmed to be attracted to men who they feel can protect them. If you clingy, you are giving her the impression that she has to protect you.

2. Laziness. Find some ambition, man. Women are attracted to ambitious men. It demonstrates Alpha male behavior and shows you can protect, provide, and survive. Not being a go-getter is a major turn off.

3. No passion. Be involved. Be passionate and interested in things. Chase your dreams. Get excited about something. Get some fire and get out there. Do something. Show backbone and say no every once in a while. That is your best bet to get your sweetheart back.

Even if she becomes one of your passions, do not sacrifice anything you love for her. If you do, you’ve fallen into a common trap. You’ve let go of the person she was attracted to and become somebody else for her. You will end up losing.

I know this article talks about how to win her back, but I’ll be honest. Sometimes that is next to impossible. One reason is that even when you get back together, you slip right back into old habits and become a wimp again. Then it’s game over.

Instead, work on yourself and changing any self-defeating behaviors that may have led to the breakup. If you get her back as a result, then just consider that a bonus of the hard work you’ve done.

When it comes to trying to get your girlfriend back, remember that winning your own respect is much more important and longer lasting than winning someone else’s.

-Carlos Xuma

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