Get Your Girlfriend Back

Losing someone you love to a moment of madness could plunge you into a season of pain and regret, especially if you eventually realize it was your fault. But ‘accuna matata’ (don’t worry) just follow these twelve-step plan and you’ll be on your way to get your girlfriend back. How To Attract Women -Anytime

  1. Get your emotions in control! – Firstly, to get your girlfriend back, you need to harden the up for the time being and avoid any cry, appealing and imploring for your girlfriend to accept you back. Occasionally these techniques can work, but chances are that they may drive your girlfriend away forever.
  2. Do not chase after her- That means no more late night calls, frequent e-mails or text messages. Don’t surface frequently at her favorite place. Remember that when you are trailing, you’re presenting yourself as an irritating salesman. Wouldn’t you rather lie low than harass her farther off?
  3. Work on yourself- Rather than chasing, work on yourself. Make a list of your strengths that your ex-girlfriend got fascinated to when you first met, and raise that personality. Also, work on your most avid weaknesses. For instance, if your ex-girlfriend always complain about your weight, join a gym to burn off that extra fat.
  4. Stand at the border line- Show your ex that you’ve moved on, but you also must show her that you still care about her. This is the most ideal way to eventually get your girlfriend back. This will make you seem more matured to her and more desirable too. Keep up communication in a very low-key way. A very simple non-threatening e-mail once or twice a week should do it. Your intention is to keep the lines of communication open, do you get it?
  5. Search your soul- Meanwhile, you must ask yourself what was it that you did in order to induce the separation. Girls do not break up with guys entirely out of the blue, so there’s likely a very good reason behind the action even if you’re not instantly aware of what it is. An important step on how to get your girlfriend back is to work out what went wrong, whether or not it could have been forestalled, and how can you can fix it now that you know what it is.
  6. Thou shall not flirt- One of the not so perceptible ways to get your girlfriend back is to keep one’s distance from other girls. In some uncommon instances it may be suitable to make your ex a bit jealous by hanging with other girls. But this can boomerang quite easily. Just steer clear from other girls for now.


Steps seven and eight have to be taken with great care and timing. You also need to be patient at this point because you may have to deal with a little resistance at this level of your attempt to get your girlfriend back. But winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win you know?

  1. The olive branch- It is said that “the gift of a man makes way for him”. Small gifts can be a groovy way to start fixing a breached relationship, because small gifts from the heart often indicate you understand your partner and are thinking of them and considering their emotions and reactions.
  2. Subtly request a date- Small dates to various places you enjoy or have had fun at in the past, or even just stated interest in going but have never actually gone, can also be a great way to try recovering a broken relationship.
  3. The truce- The actual reason for steps seven and eight is to create a forum for face to face communication. Communication is a two-way street and is needed to fix a breached relationship. Give attention to your partner’s feelings and know they’re just as valuable as yours, Doing so can bring out the basic problem and it may be something contrary to what you’ve thought. No one sees his own back, don’t you know?
  4. Don’t Blow Opportunities- The thing about efforts to get your girlfriend back is that you can undo weeks or even months of nice work with one stupid line let out in the heat of the moment. Be yourself, be truthful and above everything else don’t irritate her. If you suddenly start to become needy and untrue in your intentions, your ex girlfriend will spot the shift a mile away and you’ll destroy all of the progress you’ve made. Women have unbelievable instincts and you should always keep this in mind.
  5. Re-befriend her- The semi-final step to get your girlfriend back is you need to work hard to become friends with your ex again. This will build trust, and will serve to get you closer to each other.
  6. Go and sin no more- It’s very important that you do your best to avoid a repeat of what led to the break-up in the first place or you’ll have a really hard time fixing things again.

Twelve is a number that stands for promise. Follow these twelve steps and my promise to you is that you’ll soon get your girlfriend back and be holding her in your arms again…

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