Attract Beautiful Women | 3 Traits

Attract Beautiful Women | 3 Traits

It’s funny because so much of life is a matter of perspective or viewpoint. It’s all about where you are coming from. This also is true when it comes to dating.

Men think that women have all the power — which they have to approach her and then be interesting and stay interesting to capture her attention. Men especially feel this lack of power when it comes to dating beautiful women.

And here’s the irony – the whole time men are thinking that women have all the power, guess what? Most women are thinking that it is actually the men who hold all the cards.

Here’s the reality – the person who has the least amount of self-esteem, knowledge, understanding, and skill is actually the one who will always feel like the other person holds all the power.

Three Traits That Attract Beautiful WomenI like to teach people how to tip the scale in their favor.

If you want to have the power, especially when dating beautiful women, you have to be three things: confident, interested, AND detached.

How do you be all those things? You need to be masculine. Masculinity is a man’s secret weapon. Here are the three masculine, alpha male traits you should learn to adopt and make part of your arsenal in attracting women:

First Alpha Male Trait For How To Attract Beautiful Women: Be Certain. Be Confident.

What does this mean? There is a lot of confusion about this, but in essence, confidence is doing exactly what you want to do and not caring what the woman thinks about it.

For instance, if you order oysters and your date says “ew, those are disgusting” instead of feeling embarrassed or bad about your choice, you take ownership of it and say something like “That’s too bad you feel that way, because most women tell me oysters are an aphrodisiac for them.”

Second Alpha Male Trait For How To Attract Beautiful Women: Be Passionate. Be Ambitious.

Women want a man who has ambitions even more than a man who has power and wealth. They are attracted to a man’s potential and men who are following their passions.

Being a work-aholic is not a passion. Defining yourself through your work is not attractive. What is attractive is the person who has passion for what he does, even if he brings in $20,000 a year working in a crisis center. That is still more attractive than someone who hates his mindless job.

Third Alpha Male Trait For How To Attract Beautiful Women: Good sense of humor.

Time and again, women say this is one of the most important traits a man can have. Only a man who has great self-esteem can be comfortable being goofy and laughing at himself.

It also conveys a relaxed and fun attitude about life and who wouldn’t want to be around that?

So, if you want to attract beautiful women, remember that being true to yourself, being confident, being passionate and ambitious and having a sense of humor will go a long way.

These are three things that essentially mean concentrate on being yourself and loving yourself and you will automatically lead to you attract beautiful women into your life.

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