Secrets to Attract Women

Some guys have all the luck. At least that is how it seems, but if you dig a little bit beneath the surface, the only difference between men who are wildly successful with women and those who aren’t, is just a bit of knowledge.

Here are some attraction secrets that will improve any guy’s game:

Secrets to Attract Women Steps:

1. The first step in attracting a woman is going to be the same across the board. It won’t matter if you are at a club, a coffee shop, or a business function. The first step is going to be arousing her attention and interest.

2. Your second step is going to be instigating attraction. This is the point where you are going to make sure she feels that first inkling of desire and attraction toward you. This first sense of attraction can even be non-sexual. For instance, have you ever met a charismatic guy and wanted to be friends with him. It’s all a form of creating attraction through personality and it is a form of attraction that appeals to everyone.

3. Your third step involves creating a connection and establishing a vibe with a woman. If a woman is ever going to sleep with you, she needs that sense of connection. That is actually even more important than a commitment. Women can be just as satisfied with having sex without a commitment as a guy can. The difference is your attitude and the connection she feels with you.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
Part of that connection is that vibe, or feedback loop you establish with one another. Having a vibe with someone else means you are bouncing back and forth a fun and positive energy between the two of you. This cements that feeling of connection you are trying to establish.

4. The fourth step in attracting women is making sure her progression of emotions and attraction toward you follow this pattern:

a. She must be interested in you and feel attracted to you.

b. She must be curious about you, which you can encourage through conversational techniques.

c. She must feel some sexual tension between the two of you, which you can cultivate by techniques such as teasing and the push-pull method.

d. She must find you fun and have a sense of excitement about you. You can do this by making her laugh and other techniques.

e. She must admire you enough to feel that you are valuable enough that she worries about the risk of losing you and your attention.

f. She must feel that you are a bit of a challenge to her. You can accomplish this by avoiding expressing all your feelings and emotions. Instead, keep them close to your chest.

g. She must feel a connection with you. The importance of establishing this sense of connection is mentioned above.

By following this emotional progression, you can increase the odds that a woman will be attracted to you. They are called secrets to attract women, but in reality, they are based on knowing what makes a woman tick. If you understand what women want and how they see the world, you will not only be happier in your dating experiences, but so will the women you spend time with.


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