How To Pick Up Women

It shatters stereotypes, but you would be surprised how many men are deep-seated romantics. They learn how to pick up women and then meet a woman who exceeds all their expectations. They think she is gorgeous, smart, funny, and pretty much perfect. They put her on a pedestal and ignore any big waving red flags that try to obscure their hazy rainbow colored vision.

But sure enough, once a girl learns how to approach them and meets this dream girl, he soon realizes that she has faults. It’s just a matter of determining whether these character flaws are miniscule or huge deal breakers. Before you put your dream damsel on that pedestal, way back at the stage where you are picking up women, you might want to keep a look out for some of the major flaws that will send your fantasy girl plummeting off her pedestal.

Here’s what to look for when you are meeting and picking up women:

How To Pick Up Women Tips:

1. Avoid women who might be unstable or downright crazy. Of course, you want to avoid these women, you say, but how do you recognize them early on? Here are a few things to look out for:

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman

  • She acts erratically and can’t control her emotions or impulses very well. She might be bouncing off the walls happy one minute and slumped in bed depressed the next.
  • She has some neurotic behaviors, including obsessing and wallowing in thoughts of anxiety and depression.
  • She is on medications to help her depression and mood swings.
  • She has a history of stalking
  • She has no friends or few friends

2. Avoid women who are gold diggers or hyper ambitious. If she’s after money and will do anything to get it, watch out. She might be super materialistic and looking for someone to be her sugar daddy. Here are a few signs to watch out for early on:

  • She flat out asks you about your money, status and power
  • She won’t shut up about income, possessions, and belongings
  • She’s a workaholic
  • She is a namedropper and seems very superficial; more concerned about appearances and images than anything else.
  • Obsessed with and insists on going to the poshest restaurants, the most expensive hotels and buying the most expensive clothing and jewelry
  • She lives beyond her means and might be in debt
  • She is overly concerned with networking, connections, and the right “friends.”

3. Avoid the female version of a “player.” She’s got more pick up than all the top male pick up artists on the planet. If you challenge her, she throws it back at you. She has all the techniques to date down pat. She may be the rare exception and be a woman looking to settle down, but chances are she likes the attention of dating many guys. Here’s what to look out for:

  • She comes across as unattainable and is very aloof
  • She might let you date her every once in a while, but is a tease and leaves you frustrated
  • Her actions and word seldom mesh and this leaves you confused
  • She’s always looking for the bigger and better party
  • She’s very social and often much younger than the guys she dates.

These are some tips on how to pick up women. Learn these things and become a master of your own.

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